It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards! Prediction provided by Sunsää.

Northern Lights in the sky

It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards!
Prediction provided by Sunsää.

Thinking about visiting Levi? In March and April Levi has a lot to offer.

Ten good reasons to visit levi in spring time

Learn more about spring time in Levi. 

1. UNcrowded slopes 

In March and April, the number one winter sports destination in Finland pampers visitors with 43 uncrowded slopes and 28 modern, well functioning ski lifts - no holiday time is spent here wasted. The youngest members of the family can start with the ski school, those interested in tricks can try South Park, and older members can head towards the major slopes.

2. Lots of snow 

Lapland equals real winter and lots of snow! In Levi the snowfalls begin in late October or early November and continue until mid-May. In January 2018 Levi measured almost one meter of snow, or white gold as it is called here. Usually the snowdrifts get even higher and end of March - beginning of April tops the measurements with record high levels of snow for the winter season. Come and witness real winter yourself!

3. Long sunny days

In spring time, the weather in Levi is usually really nice - and it gets even better as days go by!  One of the main reasons to visit Levi in spring time are the long days and sunshine that inspire visitors to try winter sports. The crusted snow will support your weight, and the sun caresses the face. Long sunny days also encourage holiday makers to try many activities that Levi has to offer - or just enjoy your life. 

4. TOP-NOTCH Skiing conditions

In March and April all of Levi's slopes and 230 kilometers of ski tracks are open and in perfect condition. Cross-country skiing continues to be the most popular winter sport in Finland. In Levi, you can experience its meditative effect, the mindfulnes aspect of skiing. The wide ski tracks, fields of snow and exciting forest routes offer memorable moments. Also, all winter walking and fat biking routes are open. Take a thermos full of hot chocolate with you and enjoy the magnificent scenery!

5. events and ARTISTs

Spring time means that Levi will host popular events and attract many visitors near and far. For example you can take part in the world-famous Visma Ski Classics Ylläs-Levi marathon race and let the snowy scenery challenge your endurance in an entirely new way. Or join the party at the all new Levi Unlimited Festival. You are warmly welcome!

6. plenty Of services

Spring time is the peak season for the whole year and therefore all Levi businesses and services are open. The majority of shops, restaurants and other businesses are compactly situated and easy to visit in the centre of Levi. Over 60 restaurants and restaurant seating capacity of 16 000 make sure that hunger and thirst stay away while vacationing Levi. 

7. easy to reach

Whether you are flying, driving or taking a train, you can reach Levi easily all year round. Levi is situated only 15 minutes from Kittilä airport. The nearest railway station is in Kolari. By car 350 kilometers from Alta and 420 kilometers from Troms. From Sweden, under 330 kilometers from Luleå and under 300 kilometers from Kiruna, Kalix and Haparanda. Only a half a day's drive and you have arrived. 


Levi offers accommodation options for all budgets, almost 25 000 bed places in total. How about a hotel room, a cottage, a suite of the House of the Northern Lights? You decide. In Levi you can also stay overnight in an igloo. Or how would it feel to sleep in a hotel made of ice? An experience that will stay with you for life.

9. RELAX in A good company

Spring is a time of the renewal for the body and the soul. After an active day In Levi, you deserve to relax totally. Spend some quality time with friends and family and enjoy, the conditions are perfect! Once of a kind fell scenery, spring sun, white snow and happy people - a holiday to remember.

10. Lapland Magic

Silence, pureness and unique natural environments, unparalleled in the world - welcome to Levi and Finnish Lapland!

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  • 4 - 6 persons - from 19 € / person / night
  • 8 persons - from 17 € / person / night

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