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All Huskies Oy

Sled dogs safaris near by Levi.

You are welcome visit our family lifestyle with sled dogs.

We offer high quality dog sledding safaris for many years of experience. Our kennel is in Kittilä. Our safari trails go close to the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, and you can enjoy scenerry of Aakenustunturi fell. We like to offer you a natural way to enjoy the pure nature of Lapland, even our guide to driving with the dog sled. You can choose a trip to the 10 km, 15 km, 20 km forest hut or 30 km husky day. Programs include transfers from Levi and back. We also make tailor-made safaris to customer needs 5-40 km.

During the summer and autumn, we organize kennel visits and from the beginning of September - November you can take part in our husky training tours on ATV pulled by 16 huskies.

Our dogs are Alaskan Huskies. Welfare of dogs is of prime importance to us. Our dogs eat high-quality dog food, kennel is large and dog friendly. Dog houses is heat insulated, dogs get individualized care and exercise all year a round.

Our dogs have been successful in middle distance sled dog races, last years they won the gold medal of the European and Scandinavian Championships.

Kuusseläntie 56 99100 Kittilä