These outdoor activities wont leave you freezing despite the arctic coldness! Exciting experiences for everybody from families to companies. Welcome to Arctic Hunger Games!

Virta Tuotanto is a Finnish event company arranging unique outdoor experiences in Finland.

Winter Laser World – Levi is Virta Tuotanto´s main base and located about 1,5 kilometers from the Levi Centre. 

Products: Archery Tag®, Outdoor Laser Tag, Arctic Hunger Games

These adrenaline pumped outdoor activities are not hurting or making any mess. They will give you energy, adrenaline and nice workout with lots of fun! Teams are making solid strategies together to pull through lots of missions! Despite the coldness, playing will keep you warm.

Area is made by bunkers, trenches, bridges, abandoned buildings and sniper towers. Best experience will be during winter in the darkness when all the sparkling snow, lasers, light- and smoke effects are making the place a Real Fantasy Game World!

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  • Atrinpolku, LEVI 99130