Arcandia - Arctic Adventure Park: a place for everyone wanting unique fantasy and action themed experiences. Perfect for solo travelers, families, groups and companies. 

Arcadia is for people who love action and also for those who just want to explore the sets and atmosphere.

Our light, smoke and sound effects will take you into its own epic fantasy and action game world.


The Four Zones of the Park:

Arcandia Village  (Hunter´s Hut - restaurant hut, info/meeting point, toilets)

Action Park  (Soldiers, Hunters, Arctic Hunger Games)

Shaman Village (Shaman Warrior Training, Shaman´s Cave)

Arctic Colosseum (Outdoor Arena for activities example Snow Balls and Snow Ball Fights, bigger happenings)

More information about our adventures:


Our adventures are suitable mainly for adults. Children are welcome to join us with adult supervision in some of our programs. 

You can buy tickets to our adventures also on set but we always recommend to check for availability and book tickets online before you visit Arcandia to make the most of your time with us. Prepaid bookings have priority and other bookings will be given allocated times when available. For last minute bookings (12 hours prior) please visit Arcandia or call us +358405393764. 

There is no entrance fee to our common areas during first season. You are welcome to take pictures and help spread the word about our amazing place!


  • Kaakkoisrinteentie 2, LEVI 99130