First aid at pistes

First-aid staff of pistes operate from rentals of Zero Point and South pistes. You can also call to our duty officers +358 44 367 4278. National emergency number is 112.

Ski Patrol (red jackets) and volunteers with first-aid skills ski daily at pistes. In case of emergency ask for help from the Ski Patrol, volunteers or staff at lifts.

You can also help while waiting for professionals!

  • Keep the hurt person warm. If necessary use a blanket or your own jacket.
  • Warn other skiers and calm the situation.
  • Prevent further accidents.
  • Save those in danger - remember your own safety.
  • Clear out the condition of the injured person. Do not move him if not necessary.
  • Make sure that you have enough helping people.
  • Give first-aid that is needed as life saver (e.g stem big bleeding, remember contamination risks).
  • Control breathing and pulse. If needed start CPR (press the chestbone 30 times and blow air in the lungs 2 times).


  • Hissitie 8, Levi 99130