Forest Folk Ltd

Mettänväki carries the green heart of Lapland and provides program services throughout the year. During winter season we offer snow shoeing, ice fishing and hiking experiences, equipment rental and tour guides. In summer season fishing, hiking and canoeing

Mettänväki  Oy( Forest Folk Ltd) core principles are “respectful of nature, good customer service and experiences”. Our professional wilderness guides are up to the challenge. We favour small groups to provide intense experiences and interaction with the natural environment. Mettänväki Co. stands for easy going pace, if you like minute by minute schedules, we can get you easily forget it. Mettänväki respects nature and we use eco-friendly products. Our company does not produce paper advertising, all marketing is electronic and business cards are on recycled cardboard. 


Mettänväki offers professional catering services. Our chefs and waiters have decades of experience about creating unique local dishes and serving them. We prefer local ingredients. Every catering event is designed  by customers wishes and we operate in Villas, cabins and open fire.  From breakfast buffet to late night five dish dinner. And if needed our staff will provide service 24H.


For the customers who want all-encompassing service from the airport thru their visit, we have designed a service which includes all around the clock hosting. We are liked and trustworthy supplier in the lapland region. The host can also work as a driver because his/her local knowledge its easier and faster to act. You can give us ready made plans and settled activities or we can design a visit  with accommodation (Villas, hotels etc), transports, activities, catering and clothing so your customer has to only book the flights.


Mettänväki services include various summer activities like hiking, canoeing and paintball. During your tour we prepare meals which keep bellies full. We specialize in open fire cooking from reindeer burgers to four course menu, all prepared from local ingredients and served in sufficient size. On request we prepare vegetarian meals for example flamed veggie steak with garlic sauce.

During winter season snow shoeing, ice fishing, skiing and sky exploring in the wild are offered as guided tours. Longer snowmobile safaris (1-5 days) tailored for customer needs on request. On our snowmobile tours we prefer four stroke vehicles for ecological reasons to reduce pollutive gases. 

All year around we offer you a grand opportunity to be totally without any network, traffic presence or city noises in our totally remote cabin. This can be considered as an off grid adventure or silent retreat.

We also believe in golden memories on request tours can be recorded with GoPro, SLR or drone. Our services also include editing and delivery to the customer, for example in the form of canvas painting.

For more detailed information feel free to check our web page www.mettänvä and our Facebook profile, also follow us on Instagram and Twitter as @mettanvakiofficial or contact us directly via e-mail or by phone.

We are here to tailor you an experience to remember a lifetime!


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