Gooselodge is located next to Pyhäjärvi about 10 km from Levi center. You can visit us by snowmobile 14km or cross country skiing 10 km (from Levi center). By car you can't reach us. We offer daily fresh pastries and soup.

We also serve sauteed reindeer and flammed salmon but these have to be ordered day or two before because of the preparations. 

Price list:

  • Coffee 2,50€
  • Tea 2,00€
  • Hot chocolate 3,00€
  • Donut 3,00€
  • Pie or a bun 3,00€
  • Cookies 1,00€
  • Hot juice 2,00€
  • Salty snack 3,00€
  • Pan cake 3,00€
  • Skiiers special: Rye bread, mushroomsalad and home brew 5,00€
  • Candies 1,00€
  • Fazer 2,00€
  • Muumi 0,50€

Price list dishes:

  • Soup: Veggie/reindeer/salmon, bread, juice and coffee+dessert 17,00€
  • Sauteed reindeer (ordered 24h before) with mashed potatoes, pickles, lingonberry jam, bread, juice and coffee+ dessert 27,00€
  • Flammed salmon (ordered 24h before) with mashed potatoes, herb butter sauce, bread, juice and coffee+ dessert 27,00€
  • Rye fried vendace (ordered 24h before) with mashed potatoes, garlic sauce, bread, juice and coffee+dessert 25,00€