Hotel Taivaanvalkeat
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Hotel Taivaanvalkeat

You will find a place like no other just 8 km from Levi, with no streetlights and none of life’s demands, just tranquility.

Tranquillity by the riverside

The Hotel Taivaanvalkeat is located only 8 km from the centre of Levi and is easy to get to by car, snowmobile, or by ski. Although the city centre is close by, you can enjoy Lapland’s nature and tranquillity in peace without noise and light pollution.

Hotel Taivaanvalkeat provides hotel accommodation and serves as a venue for special family events. Whatever you have in mind, we will make your stay at Hotel Taivaanvalkeat a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else!

The hotel is suitable for corporate events, holidays, and special events. The hotel’s transforming hall can serve as a meeting room and a magnificent venue for dinner. The two-story building can be divided into two separate spaces. When you want to experience something a bit different

You will travel in time to the past as you enter Hotel Taivaanvalkeat. The sturdy log walls protect the ambient hall, and its large baking oven is in the heart of the hotel. Its warmth and the playful flames keep guests' cozy and warm. The rocking chairs invite you to come and use them, so you forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Your eyes may gaze upon many interesting objects, each with their own story to tell about life in Lapland.

The history of this building leads back to the Pallastunturi fells. The building was originally used as a log cabin and has since been extended and completely renovated. However, the spirit of a bygone era has been preserved. Hotel Taivaanvalkeat is a breath of fresh air away from today’s busy life. Accommodation just like Grandma’s place

There are 13 rooms and each room has its own shower, toilet, soundproof doors, and air conditioning.

The unique and comfortable rooms, give off a homely, warm ambience to the house. For example, a lot of ryijy rugs (knotted-pile carpets) hanging up on the walls inside. Each room is different, and it is nice to fall asleep in a nice soft bed while the Northern Lights dance across the sky or in the midst of the Midnight Sun.

The house has two additional indoor saunas and three fireplaces, a large lounge, a fireplace lounge, and a separate breakfast room.

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