Lapin Kauneuspilkku
Lapin kauneuspilkku

Lapin Kauneuspilkku

Professional skin care with natural and sustainable cosmetics. Natural cosmetics and skin care store and day spa in the heart of Levi!

Nature is invaluable and sacred to us, and that's why we strive to respect it in all our treatments and products. We aim to treat the nature as well as possible in our practices so that it remains as pure as possible from one generation to the next. 🌿

All products in the store are natural and sustainable, and we have selected only those brands that share the same values as us. We stand behind the products we offer. The shelves are filled with beautiful, ecological, high-quality products, that are nice to take home with you as a memory from Levi. In the day spa, all treatments are done using natural products, and we have named the relaxation treatments in homage to nature, based on our local fells.

In natural cosmetics, ingredients come from nature and are as ecological as possible. The entire life cycle of the product, from suppliers and raw materials to packaging disposal, has been considered in natural cosmetics manufacturing. The production favours organic raw materials, and their origin must be traceable. Animal and environmental well-being is ensured in all stages of production. Environmental friendliness and ethics are the core values in natural cosmetics. Many "natural" products are advertised as natural cosmetics even when they are not. The only sure way to verify if a product is truly natural and ecological, is to examine the ingredient list. We have done this for you. 💚 By buying a product from us, you ensure that we continue to do all this for the environment and on your behalf.

Opening hours: Our store is open on weekdays from 11 am to 6 pm, and during the season, also on Saturdays. The day spa is open by appointment, and available slots can be found on our website.

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