Levi Spirit

The Lapp spirit is most authentic in our villas. We've used deliberate discretion to capture the essence of this delicate northern ecosystem – and turn it into a rare luxury in which to indulge. Our professional 24/7 Service Office staff are ready to fulfill your special individual requests before your arrival – during your stay – and they know your wishes when you return again.

We take pride in fulfilling even the most demanding wishes. When you arrive at Levi Spirit, you don’t need to bring anything with you. All your desired transportation and sporting equipment are ready and waiting. Even the closets are filled with everything requested in advance. Should you need anything during your stay, service is available round the clock.

Examples of available services  

  • Private Chef
  • In-house wellness
  • Transportation services
  • Limoucine transport
  • Snowmobile-, Husky- and reindeer safaris
  • Fitness
  • Shopping services
  • Sports and hobby equipment service
  • Ski lift voucher delivery
  • Cleaning
  • Table reservations to restaurants
  • Other specialised services 


  • Aihkitie 1-11 ja Honkatie 5, Sirkka 99130