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The colourful guesthouse of Loihtua is situated on an idyllic Lappish courtyard in a small village called Köngäs only 10 kilometers from the Levi Ski Resort. We offer accommodation, food and wellness services.

Open space - Open Mind

The Paksu family has lived on the hill of Paksu since the 17th century. To this day Loihtua is run by the descendants and their families. The cozy rooms of our guesthouse have been named after our ancestors, all of whom stem from the great shaman Torajainen. You may meet friendly dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, sheep and horses on our farm. The significance of animals is well known playing a part in one's well-being. Spending time with animals has a positive and calming effect in our mood and it activates to move.

We at Loihtua believe that a person is unity of body, mind, and soul. All of us are parts of our environment. Loihtua wants to offer you the chance to experience the empowering effect of nature in the idyllic surroundings of Finnish Lapland. Empowerment consists of increasing our customers' personal resources, it makes life more fulfilling and meaningful. To us well-being consists of listening to ourselves as a whole and nurturing it. Social relationships and interactions as well as culture are essential parts of humanity. We believe the meaning of well-being is to listen to our wholeness and nurture it. This is why we want to offer our visitors an experience amidst nature, sports, education, art, therapy and Lappish culture. Our goal is to be an active and tolerant community where people are met sincerely and with genuine Lappish hospitality.

On the same yard with the Loihtua guesthouse and Talliaitta Wellbeing there is also the Foster Home Päiviö. Our staff consists of people living in our well-being community or working as parts of it. Together we take care of our children and animals and everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of one's own strengths and skills. For example, a member of the community, Johanna, instructs horseback riding and also works as a wilderness guide. The children living in our community have the opportunity to help, for example, by selling coffee or helping in the guesthouse.

VALUES: Empowerment, besides a unique environment Loihtua offers creative and rehabilitating activities with our professional staff.

Idyllic, the spacious Lappish courtyard allows you to experience nature and give yourself a rest.

Welcoming, arrive as a guest, but leave as a friend.

Unique, Your mind and body will be at ease in our traditional and colorful guesthouse.

Inarintie 172 99140 Köngäs