Lomakurun Kota

Welcome to warm lappish cafe next to Levi Fell! We have homemade lappish donuts and pastries. Hot berry juice, sweet and flavory waffles and toasted sandwiches. You can come with the car, cross-country ski, snowmobile or bike!

The Lomakuru Cafe is open in November!
As a new product we have sweet and salty waffles! And for hungry people we do have sandwiches with new recipes.

The cafe has its home made donuts called "munkki" and other pastries that vary daily. The berries themselves are also made into hot berry juice that has been collected from our nearby forests. It is important for us that the ingredients are fresh and homemade. During winter season you will find reindeer in the forest and a few friendly huskies that might be sleeping under the bench inside the cafe.

Through this season 2021-2022, a photo exhibition of reindeer husbandry will be exibitioned by the local photographer and reindeer herder (Janita Kenttälä) in the cafe and outdoors. In the meantime, there will be different events organized by the cafe.

Under request, we organize dinners and lunches in the cafe.

Welcome to our cozy cafe!


  • Levin ympärystie 677, sirkka 99130