Massage therapist Sanna Saario HulluFinn Hieronta

Massage therapist Sanna Saario HulluFinn Hieronta.

I`m a certificated massage therapist and I massage here at Levi at my home, 4 kilometres from centre and I have a siberian husky Susi. I`m also Reiki Master, I do energy healing.  Both locals and tourist customers are welcome. I started my HulluFinn Hieronta business here at Levi 8/2011 and Reiki Master 5/2018.

Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm = from 10-18

30min = 30€, 45min = 45e, 60min = 60e, 90min = 90€, 120min = 120€

Intuitive reikienergia healing 60e/hour tai 90 minutes 90e. Including conversation before and after reiki healing.

Please call, write a tex message or WhatsApp message and make your appointment. It is advisable to book your massage / reikihealing time in advance. My phone is on silent mode during massage and reikihealing. Thank you.

Sanna Saario HulluFinn Hieronta


  • Lakkakuja 3D33, Sirkka 99130