Panoramic Restaurant Tuikku

Tuikku is the place to enjoy lunch, hot drinks & snacks. It is A privately owned slopeside restaurant with spectacular views over Lapland. On the top of number five ski lift. Experience wild after ski with live bands and DJ. Open daily in skiing season.

Panoramic Restaurant Tuikku is Levi's oldest and most original slopeside restaurant since 1989. Wild after ski and a good spot for stop over while skiing. Tuikku is located by the top of ski lift number five. Easy to access via green conneting slope. You can visit us also with car or by foot. Spring time there is helicopter services available. Tuikku is privatly owned by Peak Lapland. 

"Tunturihumppa" after ski is local style after ski with live music. Come and experience it:) You havent done it untill you haven't been there. Downstairs and Tunturibaari-tent is place to be if you are looking for more quiet athmosphare. 

Tunturibaari-tent is open springtime. There is more than 100 sun chairs waiting for you and its the best spot for sunny days.

"Tunturibuffet"  in Tuikkus downstair serves delicious lunch - as eat all you can buffee. It is open daily in skiing season which serves Pizzas, Saladbar, daily soup - its recommend for familes. Tuikku's upstairs serves daily soups and snacks while buffee is closed. Down stairs is sometimes crowded in peak seson, but there is allways some room.

Unique Tuikku downstair can be book as a private function (min size is 20 persons, booking must be done in advance) Downstairs has 100 seats and in both two floors indoor seats is 230 persons. Total capasity of seats is 500 including teracces outdoors. Ask more We a happy to make an offer for You.

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  • Tuikuntie 11, LEVI 99130