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Polar Lights Tours Oy

Depart for a night or two in a motorhome, caravan, private tent, or hammock (which you can also rent from us for your use)!Enjoyable Husky safaris and memorable horse tours!

Our farm is located along Muonio Road, about 10 minutes’ drive from Levi towards Muonio! We have 5 electric caravan pitches for outdoor camping, an unlimited number of tents and hammocks. Due to our location, you can stay close to nature, take a dip in the river, or rent a barrel sauna shift. Guided tours included in the price! - Get to know our horses and dogs. For an additional fee Horseback riding, dog-carting rides, guided excursions for bathing, river kayaking, berry picking … E-bikes and great terrain nearby and in Levi, Barrel sauna rental, Hammock rental, etc.

We are authentic family-owned farm in Finnish Lapland, close to Levi travel resort. Our friendly and happy Alaskan husky dogs, original Finnhorses, reindeer and our staff are looking forward to having you on a visit! During your stay we will tell you about the life of our animal friends – breeding, history, training, work, and holiday. And of course, if you like, we´ll take you to safe but exciting trip to the nature of Finnish Lapland.

Please contact us and welcome to Lapland.

Ms Päivi

Muoniontie 955 99130 Levi