Poron Bensis

Poron Bensis is a standard pit stop for many passers-by, holidaymakers and local residents. Poron Bensis is a great place to eat; you can enjoy something from the lunch buffet or select one of the house’s excellent burgers or something from the á la carte.

The Poron Portti shopping centre has a variety of services available

You’ll find all the essentials you’ll need for a holiday in Lapland in the Poron Portti shopping centre right next to Levi, just 2 km from the Levi town centre. You’ll get everything you need from Poron Portti, from petrol to poronkäristys (sautéed reindeer).

The friendly staff at Poron Portti are here at your service. You can often find Tinke at Poron Bensis, who knows what’s on the menu today, or help you with car accessories.

Is your belly empty?

You can find small savoury items such as rolls and pies in the display case to help ease your hunger pangs.

The soup lunch is available from 11:00 to 15:00 (11am to 3pm) and costs €10 per person. ONLY ON SEASON.

The à la carte menu includes: poronkäristys (sautéed reindeer), poropyörykät (reindeer meatballs), fried chicken basket, and more. The à la carte menu is available every day from 10:00 to 19:30 (10am to 7.30pm).

In addition to the delicious food such as hot dogs and meat pies at Sibylla, you can also find a Burger Xpress serving their speedy burgers, you’ll be able to curb your hunger any time from dusk till dawn. Poron Bensis is an easy and multi-purpose solution for even the busiest people. There is also a restaurant with an A-licence and is able to serve alcohol.

Poron Bensis also has a Veikkaus betting agency with slot machines and gambling machines.

St1 has fuel for every vehicle at the Hullu Poro fuelling station

Springtime draws in a lot of people with snowmobiles that it ends up looking like a snowmobile show! You can get to Poron Bensis quite easily, as the snowmobile track comes directly to the forecourt. The fuelling station store sells lubricants, windscreen wash concentrate (windscreen de-icer), car bulbs, small tools and care products. You can and stop in and buy sweets from the store whether you are off on holiday or just going home. There is also a selection of beer and carbonated soft drinks.

Get your car washed

Continue your journey with a nice clean car. We have a brushless car wash option. The car wash is programmed to adapt to the seasons and the typical amount of dirt on the vehicle. Prices start from €15.90 for a basic clean

A great place for a tour bus pit stop

Poron Bensis has fast customer service and enough space available for larger groups, just let us know when you’re coming by calling +358 40 8244 824. We also have ample toilet facilities.

Poron Bensis can service and maintain your vehicle

Poron Portti also has a Special Service on-site that offers car repair services. The qualified workshop staff have saved many holidaymaker’s journeys, and the locals all know that Ismo is the best at what he does. Car towing services can also be arranged by using Special Service if your vehicle breaks down.

Special Service Finland’s phone number is +358 50 571 0120 – drive safely!


  • Tunturitie 2, Levi 99130