Restaurant Asia

Restaurant Asia

Restaurant Asia in Levin Tori offers delicious Asian tastes.

The flavor world of Restaurant Asia has been tuned to the Hong Kong area. It is a delicious melting pot of Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisines.

Restaurant Asia has a versatile selection of Asian delicacies, even for those who aren’t keen on reindeer. Have the duck gyozas as an appetizer and the Korean Pork Belly or the Black Garlic Chicken as the main dish which will surely delight your taste buds for those who don’t like meat, fresh vegan rolls, crispy pumpkin coated with panko breadcrumbs and sushi varieties are available.

In Restaurant Asia, cultures also mix in cocktail glasses. So, when your stomach is full, there’s a good reason to wash it down with a ginger and blueberry cocktail or another fusion cocktail. By the way, have you ever had umeshu liqueur/plum wine?

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Hiihtäjänkuja 10 99130 Sirkka