Restaurant Saamen Kammi

In the courtyard of the Hotel K5 Levi is an authentic Sámi turf gammi or hut built into the ground. With its unique atmosphere, the Sámi Gammi is a restaurant offering traditional Lapland delicacies by an open fire. Exotic joikha music and tales of Lapland accompany dinner in the restaurant.

Lappish dinner by open fire with exotic joikha music and tales of Lapland! Dinner includes delicious fish soup, different reindeer dishes, amazing salmon made by open fire and traditional Lappish dessert! The joikha music & tales are performed during dinner.

Reservation info

Please contact Hotel K5 Levi reception for table reservations Tel: +358 16 639 1100 email:


  • Kätkänrannantie 2, Sirkka 99130