Ristorante Renna
Ristorante Renna 1

Ristorante Renna

A unique Italian-Lappish restaurant right in the middle of Levi.

The concept behind Ristorante Renna is to serve simple, honest, and unpretentious food. Renna loves authentic flavours, natural emotions, and genuine people. Served by our easy-going staff with high-quality olive oil, fresh herbs, double layers of cheese and a dash of cheeky humor, our dishes (try our secret tomato sauce recipe!) are true Italian-Lappish miracles.

Our dessert menu is also a treasure we are ready to share with you. Our carefully selected wines are a pleasure to the palate, and most of these bottled gems can be ordered one glass at a time. Our waiters are happy to tell you more about the day’s drink specials.

Enjoy our friendly service, refreshing drinks and the clean, genuine flavours of our superb dishes.

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