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An indoor exhibition and an outdoor exhibition, which will present the history and present day of the European Union’s only indigenous people, the Sami. Located at Koutalaki at Levi Summit.

Samiland exhibition

Samiland is an exhibition that is part of the UNESCO Observatory Cultural Village programme. Its indoor exhibition covers 500 m2 and outdoor exhibition 10,000 m2. Samiland opened in December 2011. The exhibition is presenting the rich history and modern era of the Sami people through images, storytelling, and participating activities. Exhibition is modifiable for different size of spaces and purposes. All exhibition texts are available in Finnish, English and Russian, and the indoor exhibition’s texts have also been translated into German and French.

A large part of our indoor exhibition provides a comprehensive overview of the past and present of reindeer herding. The inhabitants of the Samiland reindeer paddock arrive in Levi in November, after the first snow has fallen. The reindeer can be seen from November to April. We also offer our visitors the opportunity to touch the reindeer. Visitors can buy bags of lichen at Cafe Spiella and feed the lichen to the reindeer in our paddock by hand. Lichen is a delicacy that reindeer simply cannot resist.

The entrance ticket includes a cup of coffee, tea or hot juice that can be enjoyed at the cafe after a tour of the exhibition. Entrance and tickets to the exhibition from Café & Restaurant Spiella, from Hotel Panorama reception when the café is closed and from Levi Tourist Information. See the updated prices direclty from the Samiland pages.

Samiland offers visitors the opportunity to participate in a guided tour as well as a tour that features joik music. The guided tour includes an approximately hour-long tour, during which our well-informed guide leads the group through the exhibition. The tour that features joik music includes a guided tour of the exhibition, during which the guide, Ante Aikio, performs traditional Sami joik songs. The guided tour and tour with joik music are available by appointment.

Samiland is located on the premises of the Levi Summit meeting and conference centre, in the immediate vicinity of Hotel Levi Panorama, at the address Tunturitie 205, Levi. You can travel to Samiland by car, a bus that operates during the winter season, the gondola lift, or by taking the stairs starting at the centre of Levi.

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Tunturitie 205 99130 Levi