Santa Claus Levi

Santa Claus and the Magic of Christmas! Santa Claus is one of the most famous persons in the world. Santa Claus loves every single person and he shares good will, love and joy to all over the world. Now Santa and Mrs Santa are waiting for you in Levi.

Santa's Secret Cabin in Levi

Santa Claus and Mrs Santa live in Korvatunturi but we found out that they have a nice and comfortable secret cabin in Levi. The whole Family Santa comes to spend Christmas time to Levi.

The area near cabin is wonderful and there are very much snow and stars are wrinkling in the sky. In the cold winter nights there might be amazing Northern Lights. The Northern Lights are green and red electrical storms in the sky and sometimes they are so powerful that the lights start to blink in the cabin.

Inside near open fire Mrs Santa is telling you stories of the old times as well as living in Lapland nowadays. She tells you about Christmas traditions in Lapland and also what kind a child Santa Claus was in his childhood. Mrs Santa serves you warm Christmas drinks and ginger biscuits that she has made by herself.

Funny Elves let you know how baby-elves born and you'll have short visit to Elves House. Elves are also having fun outside with children.

Santa Claus is sitting behind his desk and he is checking his secret book to find out what elves have written about children. You can also leave your letter for Santa Claus. Before you leave Santa's Secret Cabin the Photographer Elf is taking a family picture of you and Santa & Mrs Santa. You can pick up your photo next day from Santa's Shop.

Come and join us to have the most exciting adventure in your life.

The elf is walking with you with his shining lantern and you go together to the Santa's cabin.