South Point Rental
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South Point Rental

South Point rental provides the right equipment for all kinds of winter activities. South Point Rental is located right next to South Slopes.

During wintertime South Point Rental provides the equipment for all winter sports and for different skill levels: alpine skis, snowboards, cross-country skis, pulk sleds, snow shoes and sliding snowshoes. South Point Rental also offers professional maintenance services for your own gear.


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Tievantie 2, 99130 Sirkka

Good to know about rental

Opening hours and contact information

Zero Point Rental is open during winter season daily 9 am-7 pm and summer season 10 am-6 pm. Zero Point Rental is located on the Front Slopes at the Zero Point building, address Hissitie 8, +358 207 960 206,

South Point Rental is open during winter season daily 9.30 am - 6 pm. South Point Rental is located on the South Slopes at South Point building, address Tievantie 2, +358 207 960 209,

Activity & Bike Park Rental is open during summer season. Activity & Bike Park Rental is located on the West Slopes next to the lower station of Gondola2000-lift, address Gondolitie 1, +358 207 960 208,

Equipment selection of rentals

Zero Point Rental has the largest selection of brands and equipment in the area and is located in the very centre of the Levi village, right at the foot of the Front Slopes.

At Zero Point Rental, you can rent equipment for all winter sports and for different skill levels. Zero Point Rental also offers professional maintenance services for your own gear. Zero Point rental has the following equipment:

  • Standard and superior alpine skis and boots
  • Snowboards and boots (and splitboards)
  • Snowsurfs
  • NTN telemark skis
  • Touring skis and Nordic back-country skis
  • Cross-country skis and shoes
  • Pulk sleds
  • Snowshoes, running snowshoes & gliding snowshoes
  • Snow safety kits
  • Fatbikes and e-fatbikes
  • Ice skates
  • Ski service

South Point Rental is located at the foot of the sunny South slopes, next to the lower station of the South chairlift. South Point rental has the following equipment:

  • Standard and superior alpine skis and boots
  • Snowboards and boots
  • Cross-country skis and shoes
  • Pulk sleds
  • Snowshoes
  • Sliding snowshoes
  • Ski service

Activity Park rental is open during the summer season.

Standard category skis

Standard category skis are recommended especially for beginners and those with limited skiing experience. The skis are easy and light to maneuver making them an easy and safe choice for beginners. We have also children’s sizes available.

Superior category skis

Superior category skis are suitable for hobbyists and more advanced skiers for slalom, giant slalom and more relaxed skiing. Our comprehensive selection includes also special skis for women and all-mountain skis. You can also find twin-tip skis from our rentals. The twin-tip skis are especially suited for park riding as well as jumps and tricks on the slopes. Our staff helps you to make the right choice for your own skiing style. While renting superior category skis, you can try different models of skis when selecting your rental equipment and find the skis most suitable for you.

Ski boots

Ski boots come in many different types. Our rentals have ski boots ranging from size 25 to 50. At Zero Point, adults can choose ski boots between Atomic, Salomon and Nordica skis. For juniors we have ski boots from Nordica. In South Point's Rental, you can find ski boots for adults from Atomic or Salomon and for children from Salomon or Nordica. Try them on and see which ones are the most suitable for you. In selecting the right kind of boot it is worthwhile to note the boot's shape, rigidity and the width of the last. Our skilled staff will help you find the right kind of ski boot for you.

In order to ensure a good fit, please wear long and warm skiing socks. Note also that too many socks on top of each other may case blisters.

Telemark and touring skis

Our rental shop has skis for off-piste skiing. Wide touring skis have been developed for soft snow, making skiing in the natural snow of the backcountry easy and enjoyable. Our rentals also offer touring skis equipped with climbing skins. You can find touring equipment at Zero Point's Rental! Brands in this category include e.g. Atomic, Salomon, Black Crows, Pusu and Dynafit.

Our telemark equipment is equipped with NTN bindings and boots are available in several sizes. This traditional sport where you ski with your heels unbound is definitely worth trying if you want to try something different from normal alpine skiing.

You can easily try freeriding on Levi's ungroomed slopes 6.3 & 6.4. If you want, you can also take our skilled ski instructor with you and get to know to Levi fell in a new way! Book a ski touring course from the Levi Ski School.

On-piste and all mountain skis

On-piste skis are used on groomed slopes. The narrow middle part of on-piste ski is suitable on the hard surface and on fresh groomers. From our rental ou can find on-piste skis from Atomic, Salomon, Nordica and Blizzard brands.

All-mountain skis are in style between on-piste skis and powder skis. They work excellently on the slopes, but the middle section, which is wider than on-piste skis, guarantees the functionality of all-mountain skis on different platforms and snow types, from powder snow in January to spring slush. The versatility of the skis makes them currently the most popular type of skis among enthusiasts. All-mountain skis are available from Atomic, Salomon, Blizzard, Pusu and Black Crows brands.

Cross-country skiing and pulk sleds

Learning cross-country skiing is easier with the traditional skiing technique. For this same reason, traditional skiing is also great for skiing trips with the entire family. Our rentals have skis and ski boots also for children. Free cross-country skiing technique is a fun and fast-paced form of exercise. The rigidity of the ski is one of the essences when selecting the right kind of ski for free technique skiing. We have suitable skis also for the more experienced and demanding free technique skiers.

Our staff helps you to select the right kind of skis based on your skill level as well as the weather, and offers tips for getting started. When you rent your skis from us, you can always be sure that they have been maintained. You can also rent a variety of skis with waxless grip, including skin skis and nordic backcountry skis. We have skis with NNN bindings.

It is easy to take smaller children with you for a skiing trip using a pulk sled. We rent out pulk sleds with seats for either one or two children, equipped with wind cover and back support. It is recommended to cover the pulk sled seats with a warm seat cover, such as sheepskin or a thick blanket.

Snowboarding and splitboarding

For snowboarding we offer suitable equipment for both beginners and more experienced riders. Our selection includes boards for both slopes and park riding, for men and women alike. Also more specialized boards are available. For example, for powder and touring, we offer splitboards which you can split into two "skis", enabling you to ski the slopes up outside the groomed slopes (at your own risk of course). Snowboard shoes start at size 28 and end at size 49. The smallest children's snowboards are 80cm long and the juniors' boards continue up to 148cm. Zero Point's equipment consists of Nitro and Burton brands, and South Point has equipment from Salomon and Nitro.

Splitboarding Splitboarding is a similar sport for snowboarders as ski touring. Splitboards are available from Nitro, Burton and Jones brands.

Snow safety kits

We also rent snow safety kits. The sets include a backpack, beacon, shovel and snow probe.


Wearing a ski helmet improves your safety on the slopes. Helmets are available in our rentals for skiers and snowboarders of all sizes.

Fatbikes and cycling helmets

Fatbikes have extra-wide tires which make them ideal for smooth, steady and easy cycling on snow, sand, and mud. This makes it easy to enjoy both the wintery cycling routes and the 20 kilometers of off-road trails maintained for wintertime mountain biking. You can rent fat bikes for adults in sizes S-L.

A cycling helmet is always included in the fatbike rental price. All of our fatbikes are equipped with a headlight and a safety reflector. The frost limit for e-fatbikes is -20 celsius.

Levi has a total of about 25 kilometers of winter walking and cycling routes. Routes are maintained by snowmobile.

Snowshoes and sliding snowshoes

Snowshoeing offers great exercise, has a short learning curve and is one of the best ways of experiencing the quiet of the Lappish wilderness. Snowshoeing is an easy activity and does not require previous experience. The equipment is very easy to use as well. The snowshoes are attached directly on your winter shoes or hiking boots. You can rent snowshoes either at Zero Point or South Point. We recommend selecting shoes that are both warm and sturdy. You can also rent telescope hiking sticks which make it easier to keep good balance.

Levi has a total of about 25 kilometers of winter walking and cycling routes. Routes are maintained by snowmobile.

You can also get liding snowshoes and running shoes in our rental.

Ski storage

At the end of a skiing day, you can leave your equipment at the storage for a small fee. Your equipment is waiting for you in the morning ready for the slopes and you do not have to drag them around with you all the time. You can also leave your boots in the dryer and pick them up dry in the morning. Storage lockers are located in Zero Point and South Point rentals.

Set for ski storage= skis/ board, poles and helmet


You may pay with cash (euros), international credit cards and AliPay.

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