Table Grill

The Table Grill concept is a service where the customer is provided with table grills for home, villas, theme nights and corporate events. The service includes pre-prepared ingredients ready for the table grill and their delivery to the vicinity of Levi.

All dishes are professionally prepared in commercial co-operation with the best
K-supermarket in Northern Finland. The raw ingredients are top quality,
always fresh. 

This is an absolutely great and effortless way to enjoy lunch or dinner even every day.
With this concept, you can instantly get into the holiday mood
and have a really delicious experience with friends, family or even your work team.
Social eating at its best. The devices are designed for indoor and outdoor use.


TABLE GRILL - "Top food and the best program number of the evening"

Device & menu options;


1 Teppanyaki Grill / 49.90 € / person min. 2 person / with dessert 54.90 €

- salmon sashimi, wasabi & soy

- tiger crab & scallop

- beef fillet (black Angus -petit tender), truffle mayonnaise & smoked salt

- smoked tofu

- ginger

- dark mushrooms

- spring onions

- kimchi.

2 Raclette Grill / 49.90 € / person min. 2 person / with dessert 54.90 €

- full-fat raclette cheese

- air-dried ham

- salami-Milano

- reindeer cold smoked meat

- tiger crab

- broccoli

- mini pickles

- fresh pineapple

- fresh bread

3 Hot Pot Induction / 49.90 € / person Note min. 4 persons / with dessert € 54.90

- ramen broth (Sooci)

- mussels, fresh MSC-certified (Leroy)

- overcooked pork ribs & palm candy

- kimchi (Wang Korean)

- dark mushroom (Finland)

- sweet mini-stem asparagus (Bimi)

- smoky fofu (Jalotofu)

- satay sauce (Jim & Lim)

- harissa (al Fez)

- rice noodles

Dessert: Vanilla creme, star anise flavored blueberry & toasted white chocolate

1. Teppanyaki, a Japanese-inspired table grill, or a Central European Raclette grill that exudes
the alpine evening atmosphere and also has Chinese Hot Pot.
2. Delicacies, as well as equipment delivery and collection flexibly. Possibility to deliver before
the customer's arrival at the destination (according to the agreement)
The customer does not wash grills, pick up dirty
3. Chopsticks, napkins & small disposable trays
4. Multiple devices are supplied for larger groups (1 device = max. 4-6 people)
5. Price 49,90-54,90 € / person incl. Service 14% VAT. min. 2-4 person order/
the same menu for the table party.