Tenavatokka indoor creche

Tenavatokka indoor creche is a part of Kids Land, next to Front pistes. You may use the services of creche while you want to go e.g skiing or shopping by yourself. Outdoor games take place at Kids Land.

You can bring your children to play and do handicrafts whenever your family needs a break.

Another indoor creche Muksutupa is located at South Point, South pistes

No prebookings are necessary

Child care prices for Tenavatokka

  • under 4 years 12,00 euros/ hour
  • between 4 and 5 years 9,00 euros/ hour
  • over 5 years 7,00 euros/ hour

Payment is charged by the starting hour.

Join to our weekly program at Kids Land

We also rent child care supplies from tenavatokka

  • travel bed 5,00 euros/ day – 30,00 euros/ week
  • buggy 5,00 euros/ day – 30,00 euros/ week
  • high chair 20,00 euros/ week

Prices include VAT. Rights for changes reserved.


  • Hissitie 14, Levi 99130