The lungs of the world
the lungs of the world

The lungs of the world is a Finnish expert service that offers expertise related to nature, biodiversity, and its significance in Finnish Lapland.

Would you like to experience the perfect silence of Lapland's wilderness, the mystical atmosphere of its marshes, and marvel at the amazing brightness of summer at the same time? The harsh yet delicate nature of the north is particularly vulnerable as the climate warms. Changes and their rapid pace could prove fatal to plants, insects, birds, and mammals that have adapted to these unique living conditions over thousands of years. However, it's not too late. Change can be slowed down, giving nature more time to adapt.

Join us to explore Lapland's nature and biodiversity with the guidance of our experts. If you wish, you can actively contribute to mitigating the changes threatening us by planting saplings on our excursions. You can also purchase saplings from our online store for us to plant. It's also possible to register the sapling and link it to the planter's information. We use saplings bred for northern conditions, maximizing their chances of survival in Lapland's harsh environment. Under favorable conditions, the sapling gradually grows into a real tree. It awaits you the next time you travel to Kittilä. Our promise to our customers is that we are committed to preserving the lands we own in their natural state.

Biodiversity and pristine nature in general are scientifically proven to be particularly important for human physical and mental health. Diverse nature not only fosters numerous interactions between different species but also hosts a rich bacterial fauna. Exposure to various bacteria helps prevent allergies, among other benefits. On the other hand, a diverse ecosystem contains much that is still unexplored. We don't know what we're losing as nature diminishes. Once lost, it may be impossible to regain.

Topics covered on the excursion: Forest visits guided by our expert in Kallio, Kittilä. MMM (forester) Mikko Haveri serves as the expert. Below are examples of topics covered. Participants' preferences can be considered if possible. • Special features of northern Finnish nature; adaptation of species to climate and seasonal variations • Challenges posed by climate change to northern nature • Land use, forest conservation, forestry, and other uses of nature in northern Finland • Identification of plants, insects, and fauna There is a lean-to at the site where you can buy nature-themed art by Finnish artist Satu Uusikauppila. Purchases are made independently following the QR code instructions.

Why participate? We want to emphasize that Lapland is much more than just ski resorts, distant mountains on the horizon, reindeer, and Santa Claus. Winter travelers may not consider what the landscapes they ski past in winter or admire from the top of a mountain while skiing look like when Lapland is in full bloom in summer. The aim is to highlight aspects that are often overlooked during trips to Lapland. These include the great achievements of the Ice Age that have shaped northern nature for millennia or the changes in land use that stand unyielding and insurmountable before us, as well as those tiny details that require us to bend down and focus our gaze to the utmost to perceive them. One must not forget the immense peace that surrounds the summer hiker. As you are enchanted by the magical nature of Lapland, you can also make a difference for future generations by planting a sapling. With this act, you are contributing to the world's lungs. Your tree will also act as a carbon sink in the future. With your small contribution, you are also combating climate change. Perhaps you already know much about northern nature. You are welcome to educate us as well.

Our destination is located 55 kilometers from the Levi ski resort, in the village of Kallio. Getting there is easy. The nearest road is about 200 meters away.

Reservation: Contact us at to book your excursion or buy a tree or both. Location: Private forest of in the village of Kallio, 55 km from Levi. (Approximate driving time 45 minutes) Meeting and departure point and return: Levi Tourist Office. Myllyjoentie 2 Sirkka. On-site facilities: Lean-to and campfire site. "Lean-to," one dry toilet. No warm indoor spaces in the forest. Possibility to roast your own marshmallows or sausages over the fire. Expert: Mikko Haveri MMM (forester) Food: No food and beverage service provided by the organizer. Bring your own drinks and food to enjoy by the fire. Included equipment: Mosquito nets for head area during mosquito season. Price: July 2024. Weeks 30 and 31. Prices 100 € per person. Price: August group packages: 5–20 persons 3000 €. 21–50 persons 5000 € Schedule: Duration of the excursion approximately 4.5 hours. Departure in the morning at 08:30. Arrive at the destination around 09:15. Explore nature from 09:30 to 12:00. Departure back around 12:00. Arrive in Levi 12:45–13:00.

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