Wolverine Fell Wilderness and Nature Ltd.

The company Wolverine Fell Wilderness and Nature Ltd. (Kätkätunturin Erä ja Luonto Oy) was established in the year 2000. It offers nature related programme services all year round also including reindeer husbandry.

Winter activities we specialize in are the combined reindeer- ice fishing- snowshoeing and salmon soup lunch tour, Arctic knowdge hunt on snowshoes with elk burger,  Aurora reindeer ride or Us and Auroras dinner in the vicinity of privately owned Wolf Lake.

Outside the snowy period we organize the unique bog hike and Arctic knowledge hunt in our forest and swamp for true nature enthusiasts. To familiarize yourselves with reindeer husbandry select the hiking trip to Kumputunturi fell.

Our reindeer need your help this winter

be a buddy: feed your reindeer, virtually



  • Kätkäjärventie 407, Kittilä 99130