cross-country skiing
Levi Ski Resort

One of Finland's best spots for cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing is the most popularly engaged form of exercise among Finns during wintertime. Definitely something you should try when in Finland. Levi offers a wide and well-maintained network of ski tracks, making it one of Finland's best spots for cross-country skiing. 

Great network of tracks for all skill levels

In the network of tracks totalling 230 kilometres in length, there are suitable tracks for different skill levels: for beginners, active fitness enthusiasts and competitive professionals honing their skills. There are 28 kilometres of tracks in the Rakkavaara area which are also illuminated for late-night skiing. All tracks in the Levi area are suitable for both classic and free cross-country skiing technique. The little trail cafés that can be found along the way are mainly open during the spring season. At Levi, people will still be skiing at the beginning of May! The cross-country ski tracks are maintained during mornings.

  • The main trails in Levi are lit up daily between 6 am - 11 pm.

Get started with cross-country skiing

The easiest way to learn cross-country skiing is to take a lesson at the Levi Ski School. The Levi equipment rentals have an excellent selection of cross-country skiing equipment for both classic and free cross-country skiing technique. Rentals also wax and maintain the skis according to the weather.