Maastohiihto Levillä osa 1. Valaistut ladut, koiraladut ja eri kierrokset.
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Levi tarjoaa parhaimmillaan 230 kilometriä huollettua latuverkostoa ja 28 kilometriä valaistua latua vaihtelevissa tunturimaisemissa. Kaikki ladut sopivat niin perinteiselle- kuin luistelutyylille.

Cross-country skiing in Levi part 1. Illuminated tracks and different loops

ILLUMINATED TRACKSThere are approximately 28 kms of illuminated tracks for cross-country skiing in the Rakkavaara area. The lights on Levi's illuminated tracks are on from 6.00-23.00, which allows people to ski from morning to night. More tracks will be opened as winter progresses, so we recommend checking the track status before heading to the cross-country skiing tracks.
The Rakkavaara xc skiing trails are marked red. This means there are challenging uphills and downhills along the way. On the steepest sections different signs warn you along the way.

You can also bring your doggy friend along to some of Levi’s cross country skiing trails. Dog tracks are marked with a dog symbol, and the dog must be kept on a leash all the time when skiing.
The dog trail network in Levi is about 36 km long. The Levi-Köngäs-Rautuskylä trail is approximately 28 km long, and the Levi-Kätkäjärvi-Nuottijärvi trail about 8 km. You can also find approximately 7 km of dog trails in Kittilä village.

Dog trails network:
It is easy to find and get to the dog tracks going to Köngäs village, as the dog trail starts from the parking area in Levijärvi on Järvirovantie. For example, you can ski from Levijärvi over the lake and ski even further to the Elves Village (Tonttula).
Alternatively you can reach the Elves Village (Tonttula) by car or taxi and start your cross-country skiing journey from there.

Another dog trail goes towards Kätkä, crossing first the frozen Immeljärvi lake in Levi and skiing on towards Kätkäjärvi and Nuottijärvi (about 8 km each direction).

The municipality of Kittilä offers cross country skiing trails with dogs. The track starts from Lämpökeskus, located at Linnatie 15, and continues through Isovaarantie to Honkavaara's loop to the Väliauttontie intersection. This trail measures about 7km in each direction.

Things to keep in mind when skiing with your dog:

  • You will need a traction harness suitable for the dog, a traction belt, and an elastic strap to be fastened between the traction belt and the harness, in addition - of course - to your normal ski equipment.

  • It is common practice to let another skier or dog skier know in good time from which side you are overtaking.

  • Refrain your dog from pooing on the cross country skiing trail and should this happen, pick up your dog excrements.

  • Walking with your dog(s) on the cross country skiing tracks is prohibited.

The Circle of Levi

This trail goes around all of Levi fell and is approximately 20 km. You can leave from Levi’s Front Slope and start skiing clockwise. Gentle ascents, gentle descents, a little bit of flat terrain, then another small hill. Stop while at Draivi to enjoy your first cocoa!
An uphill section begins when you cross-country ski from Levi through Levi Golf. It is
worth remembering that after an uphill there is always a downhill part, after which your muscles are strong enough to take you up the next hill” You should even take your camera with you and take some pictures on the go. It will help you set the pace for your trip. You will ski past the Sammun-Tupa, where you can also enjoy snacks and admire some reindeer. From here on in, the journey is flat and downhill, and you will reach a clearing where the magnificent Levitunturi can be seen right above the forest. The skitrack passes Levi's South Slopes, and you can take a short break and visit Restaurant Sivakka for a hot drink. There is also a camp-fire site where you can cook sausages over the camp-fire on the Levi's South Slopes. A gentleascent starts from the South Slopes towards the starting point (i.e. the Front Slopes), and the rest of the journey is a flat hill and plain sailing. The last descent will take you to Levi’s Zero Point.

The Kätkä

Track is an excellent choice for the more experienced skier. You can start from behind the Tourist Information Office, for example. The track has varied terrain, and this 16 km loop starts with a long ascent. Then the track has some hilly areas and flat areas before reaching the steep incline between Kätkä and Pyhätunturi. After you’ve ascended, you will be able to descend to the laavu (traditional Finnish shelter) at Kätkä where it is good idea to have a lunch break. You can enjoy eating your own snacks, and you can buy even pancakes with jam and have a hot drink in the spring and winter when laavu café is open. The hilly terrain starts from the laavu at Kätkä and at the end there is a longer ascent. After you’ve ascended, there is a really long descent on arrival at Lake Immeljärvi. After this part, there is only a small section left before arriving at Hotel K5. 

The Pyhä
Track is almost the same track as the Kätkä Track. However, the distance is longer, a total of 25 km. The route branches off from Kätkä Track route between Kätkä and Pyhätunturi, i.e. you continue going straight along the ski track ahead, instead of ascending between the fells. On the way, you'll pass the Merkkinen laavu (traditional Finnish shelter) and the comfy Muusa hut. From Muusa you continue uphill for about 2km before descending (watch out in springtime, fast descent) and continue on to a crossroads. The signs indicated Ylläs if you continue straight on, or turning left you will reach the bottom of Pyhätunturi fell and the crossroad. Your choice to continue straight on along a longer but gentler trail (blue) to Kätkänlaavu or choose to turn right onto Pyhätunturi fell. This is the most challenging part of the trail and the oncoming ascent is marked in black as it is long and steep, especially at the beginning. The track does not take you all the way to the top of Pyhätunturi, but the scenery is anyway magnificent! After the ascent, a tortuous and challenging descent will take you to the laavu (traditional Finnish shelter) at Kätkä. Be careful in springtime and in icy conditions. From Kätkän laavu, the trail back to Levi is the same as described in the Kätkä Trail route here above.

The Muusa
This trail is almost identical to the Pyhä Track, but it goes around Pyhäjärvi lake north of Pyhätunturi fell. This route will take you to Hanhipirtti hut, where it is nice to take a break. If you include on your trail this detour via Muusa, you'll be cross county skiing for about 27 km.

The Aakenus
This trail starts from Levi village, and you can ski in both directions on this 40 km track. The more popular direction is to go up the track to the right where there is a gentle incline for the first 6 km. The ascent is rewarded with a long descent, and so the first 10 km go by quite quickly. This is the same track all the way to Pyhätunturi just like on the
Pyhä Track.
The first stop on the Aakenus Track is the lovely Hanhipirtti, where it's a good idea to have a rest before the steep part of the hill starts to incline. The wild declines are marked in black on the track map begin. The track goes around the laavu at Kätkä, where it's nice to have a final rest. After the hills, the rest of the way is relatively flat and allows you to ski at a good pace. The tour ends at the Lake Immeljärvi crossing.

Levi track map:
Check out Levi's Track Maps and choose the right cross-country ski track for you. The maps gives you a good indication of the trails' level of difficulty, which ones are the dog trails, it shows you the distances from different points as well as the shelters and huts along the trails. You can also purchase the paper version of the track map fromLevi's Tourist Information Office.

You can also check out Levi's electronic track map service here, where you can see real-time track maintenance status, dog track, track cafés and their opening hours, for example.

Most of cafés along the cross country skiing trails open their doors in springtime, so you can enjoy, juice, coffee, pastries, pancakes, snacks while sitting outdoor around a camp-fire and enjoy the wilderness of Lapland. The cross country skiing season lasts until end of April - beginning of May.

You can rent ski equipment from any of Levi's rental shops or have your own skis serviced to get them in tip-top condition! If you are a beginner to this amazing sport or feel a little rusted, the Levi ski school instructors will help you master a good skiing technique. Guided ski tours can also be organised, explore your ski tour options Cross country skiing and forest skiing for beginnersor contat the Tourist Information Office for more details.