Leevilandia and Muksutupa
perheet ski resort

Leevilandia and Muksutupa


Leevilandia is a fun outdoor playground for kids at South Slopes, next to the South Point building. In Leevilandia you can find a weekly program with fun outdoor activities and games on snow, two magic carpet lifts, one traditional pome lift to learn skiing, and a fireplace for grilling your own snacks and sausages. Also, ski school does lesson in Leevilandia for smaller kids and learners. Muksutupa, in the South Point building, offers a safe indoor daycare place for smaller children. Another play area locates in Kids' Land at Front Slopes.

If you are lucky and pay close attention, you might see Leevi the Wolverine visiting Leevilandia every now and then. Leevi is friendly and funny but a little shy. Leevi does not always have the courage to come to meet people but he really likes children.



Leevilandia has an inside daycare place, Muksutupa. You can bring your children to play and do handicrafts whenever your family needs a break. Outdoor games take place at Leevilandia.

We offer pre-booked daycare for children from 2 to 10-years-old. We also rent childcare supplies. Book daycare and childcare supplies in advance from our webstore. Check the availability from webstore product calander.

Childcare prices for Muksutupa winter 2023 – 2024:

  • Little Reindeers (3 hours) from 9.30am–12.30pm price 35 €
  • Little Wolverines (3 hours) from 2.00pm–5.00pm price 35 €

We also rent childcare supplies

  • high chair 5,00 euros/ day - 30,00 euros/ week
  • travel bed 5,00 euros/ day – 30,00 euros/ week
  • buggy 5,00 euros/ day – 30,00 euros/ week

Prices include VAT. Rights for changes reserved.