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Leevilandia and Muksutupa

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Leevilandia and Muksutupa

Leevilandia at South Slopes

Snowy playground for families and beginners is Leevilandia area at the South Slopes, next to the South Point building. Leevilandia area has two covered magic carpet lifts and a traditional pome lift. In the area you can go sledding and snowtubing down the hill. In guided weekly programs, you can participate in games and competitions. Also a fire place for grilling sausages is available. The new addition to Leevilandia, Leevi's playground, invites both big and small ones to balance, play, and enjoy their own snacks indoors. Muksutupa is the indoor day care place for smaller children. Another play area locates in Kids' Land at Front Slopes.

Slopes and Lifts

You'll find two covered carpet lifts (50m and 122m) and a traditional pome lift (197m) for learning skiing and snowboarding. The slopes are gently sloping, making it easy for beginners to learn and progress as skiers. The soft stick slalom tracks allow you to improve your skiing skills: next to the short carpet lift of Monster track and the long carpet lift of Leevi's track.

Sledding and Tubing

At Leevilandia, you'll find a fun sledding hill right next to the entrance, where you can use a sled or toboggan. A long tubing hill is located next to the longer carpet lift, and tubes are available for borrowing at the bottom of the tubing hill. You can reach the tubing hill either by walking or by using the carpet lift, making the experience even more enjoyable for the whole family!

Leevi's playground

The new Leevi's playground at Leevilandia invites families to enjoy a versatile indoor space filled with fun activities! Here, you can not only warm up your chilly toes and enjoy your own snacks but also try balancing on different balance points, play floorball, frolic on the jumping course, draw, play with toys, and spend quality time with the whole family! Leevi's playground also has restrooms, so you can spend a carefree and fun day in the newest indoor facilities at Leevilandia! When the South chairlift is closed, we have to close Leevi's playground.


Leevi-ahma visits Leevilandia almost daily. Leevi-ahma is a friendly prankster, but a bit shy. Leevi-ahma doesn't always approach people, but he thinks kids are nice. You might find Leevi-ahma skiing, sledding, tubing, playing, gaming, or dancing.

Campfire Spot

Leevilandia has a campfire spot where you can roast your own sausages or marshmallows over an open fire, eat your own snacks, and warm up your toes and fingers! Next to the campfire spot, you'll also find a memorable photo spot in honor of Levi's 60th anniversary celebrations!

Leevilandia area 2024

Leevilandia's services



Leevilandia has an inside daycare place, Muksutupa. You can bring your children to play and do handicrafts whenever your family needs a break. Outdoor games take place at Leevilandia.

We offer pre-booked daycare for children from 2 to 10-years-old. There are limited times available. We also rent childcare supplies. Book daycare and childcare supplies in advance from our webstore. Check the availability from webstore product calander.

Childcare prices for Muksutupa 27 Nov-30 Apr 2024

  • Little Reindeers (3 hours) from 9.30am–12.30pm price 35 €
  • Little Wolverines (3 hours) from 2.00pm–5.00pm price 35 €

We also rent childcare supplies

  • high chair 5,00 euros/ day - 30,00 euros/ week
  • travel bed 5,00 euros/ day – 30,00 euros/ week
  • buggy 5,00 euros/ day – 30,00 euros/ week

Prices include VAT. Rights for changes reserved.

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Leevilandia's weekly programme