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Ski buses

The Ski Buses transfer between the main slopes and the major accommodation areas. There are two routes which connect at the Zero Point building at the foot of the Front Slopes

Bus stop nr 9 is moved to Rakkavaarantie (stop nr 10) for the springtime. 

levi ski resort ski bussi


  • Levi Season and Company Passes include free-of-charge use of the Ski Buses
  • 3,00 euros/day Area ticket which requires a valid ski lift pass and is sold ONLY at ski pass offices.
  • 4,00 euros/day Advance ticket that is sold at ski pass offices, webstore, Levi Info and hotels of Levi.
  • 4,00 euros One-time ticket that is sold only in Ski Buses.
  • 43,50 euros/season Ski Bus Pass that is sold at ski pass offices and in Ski Buses. No limitations for the use during winter season.
  • Children under 6 years travel for free with adults.

You may also buy bus tickets in advance from our webstore.

levi ski resort ski bussi


There are two routes which connect at the Zero Point building at the foot of the Front Slopes.

R1-route operates from Zero Point via Northeast Slopes (Lift 6) and Hossa to Sirkka school and further to road Muoniontie, turning onto road Myllyjoentie and continuing past Levin Portti back to Zero Point. R2-route operates south from Zero Point on the main road, towards South Slopes (South Point) where it turns back towards downtown using road Länsirinteentie, calling at the cabin lift area and then returning to Zero Point. All lost and found items will be taken to the Zero Point ski pass office at Hissitie 8, tel. +358 20 7960 201

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During windy days with a valid ski pass and ski equipment, you can take the ski bus in one direction free of charge as follows: When the Gondola2000 lift is closed:

  • You may take a ski bus free-of-charge from the gondola area to Zero Point or from Zero Point to Draivi, West Point, or South Point.

When the 7-lift and Levi West chairlift is closed:

  • You may take a ski bus free-of-charge from South Point to Zero Point.

At all other stops, you always need a ski bus ticket. Immediately after the lifts are opened, the ski buses are paid as usual according to the normal price list.

Ski buses run every half hour from 2.5 to 8 May 2022 for free.

Timetable 5.11.2021 - 8.5.2022

Ski Busses leave from Zero Point every half an hour between 18.11.2021-1.5.2022. Between 5.-17.11.2021 and 2.-8.5.2022 Ski bus will operate every 30 minutes. Timetable in pdf-file.

Ski buses are free to use until the end of the season. Season ends 8.5.2022.