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Ski service

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Regular ski and snowboard tuning keeps your equipment in good shape and ensures good sliding properties even in poor conditions. Our professionals at Zero Point and South Point service your skis and snowboards fast and efficiently. We use automatic Wintersteiger multi-functional ski-service machines in addition to quality handcraft.

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Grinding removes any minor damages and opens the blocked surface pores of your skis or snowboard. Tiny cuts are ground off and the base becomes true and flat. The base is then able to absorb wax and the improved structure is an important contributor to gliding. The improved structure also helps prevent suction and friction between the base and the snow. Your skis or snowboard will glide better and accomplish the transition from edge to edge more easily. It is recommended to grind the base at least once or twice each season to increase the life span of your skis or snowboard for several years.

Most ski or snowboard edges are shaped to a level of 0 to 2 degrees to create a continuous smooth surface. Hot waxing permeates the base, protects against damage, and improves the gliding and turning properties of skis and boards. Proper waxing should be done three to four times a season.

With Levi Winter Season Pass (personal) all ski services -25% (does not apply to spare parts).

Lei Ski Resort's ski service prices 2021-2022

Prices include VAT. Rights for changes reserved

Edge angles11,00
Edge finish15,00
Boot shaping (Zero Point)starting 30,00
Basic service for junior skis (under 130cm)23,00
Binding adjustmentstarting 30,00
Thermal base and waxing31,50
Basic service (base grinding, edge finish, machine waxing)37,00
Pro service (base grinding, edge finish, manual waxing)47,00
Full service (scratch filling, base grinding, edge finish, waxing)starting 57,00
Edge finish15,00
Manual waxing25,00
Base waxing42,00
Basic service (base grinding, edge finish, waxing)48,00
Full service (scratch filling, base grinding, edge finish, waxing)starting 60,00
Grip waxing11,00
Waxing Basic18,00
Waxing Speed25,00
Waxing Pro35,00
Classic waxing Basic23,00
Classic waxing Speed30,00
Classic waxing Pro40,00
Tape grip and waxing26,00
Base waxing31,50
Structure (Zero Point)43,00
Waxing and structure (Zero Point)50,00
Classic waxing and structure55,00
Race waxing classic (Zero Point)55,00
Race waxing basic (Zero Point)60,00
Race edging (Zero Point)35,00
Base grinding (base and structure grinding) (Zero Point)60,00
Base grinding + edge tuning (+ edges with Wintersteiger and manual finishing) (Zero Point)85,00
Base grinding, edge tuning + waxing (+ base and glide waxing) (Zero Point)100,00