Länsirinteille on noussut kesän 2019 aikana uusi, huippumoderni tuolihissi – Levi West, joka avattiin laskukansan käyttöön 15.11.2019 klo 10!
levi ski resort west

West Point

Levi West Point – Enjoy the ride to the top!

On the West Slopes of the Levi fell, has risen a new, ultra-modern chairlift - Levi West, which opened for skiers on 15.11.2019 at 10 am! Even after the completion of the ski lift Levi West, the construction of the Levi West Point village, an entire new area which will be added to the Levi Ski Resort, will continue in the area surrounding the lower station of the lift. When completed, Levi West Point will include accommodation, restaurants and a significant amount of commercial space. The completion of the entire Levi West Point concept is expected to require a few years.

The construction of the Levi West chairlift and the development of the Levi West Point village constitute the most significant investment in the Levi area in the recent years.  The total investment in the project is approximately 30 million euros which includes the 8 million invested in the construction of the Levi West chairlift.

From the foot of the West Slopes, all the way to the top 

The lift stations themselves utilise a completely new type of design and the latest engine technology, minimising for example the noise resulting from the operation of the station. The Levi West chairlift is especially windproof due to its Premium chairs that are not only heavier than normal chairs but they are also equipped with efficient swing suppression. The seats of the Levi West ski lift are heated, wider than normal and individually molded, enabling greater safety and comfort. Additional safety is provided by the safety beams which lock between the passengers’ legs and make the lift extremely safe also for children. The see-through protective shell of the lifts keeps the wind and snow out from the passenger seats.

In the next phase of the project, the slopes 11.1 and 10.1 to the right from the Levi West chairlift will receive their own snowmaking systems and led lighting, and will also serve as a venue for giant slalom in the future. The Slope 10.1 will be rebuilt quite a bit wider, but the profile and the shape of the slope will remain the same.

The new Levi West chairlift will take you from the foot of the West Slopes all the way to the top. The older T-bar lift (11) will be moved in the future to Vesirikka-autto to provide backup for the Lift 13 there. This will ensure that the routes around the fell will continue to provide optimal service to the visitors also in cases where, for example, the Gondola2000 cabin lift has to be closed due to strong winds. The Tieva T-bar lift next to Levi West’s lower station will stay where it is and serve as a backup for extreme situations where even the Levi West chairlift would have to be closed due to exceptionally strong winds or some other reason.


  • Travel distance 1108 m

  • Vertical meters 271 m

  • Capacity 3000 skiers per hour

  • Speed 5 m/s

  • Travel time 4,11 min

  • Seats 69 kpl

  • Seat width 520 mm

levi ski resort west

Construction of the West Point village

The lower station of the Levi West lift will be surrounded by a brand new village, Levi West Point. The village will include a total of 7 separate buildings with 250 beds, offering in practice a "Ski in, ski out" concept for the visitors. There is only 20 meters from the accommodation to the slopes. In addition to this, the rooms will offer spectacular views both towards the Levi fell and the adjacent Kätkä and Aakenus fells. Right in the centre of the U-shaped village there will be a main building with commercial spaces, equipment rental and restaurants. The construction licenses will be sold, allowing free market to direct the development and growth of West Point. The first buildings are planned to be completed by winter season 2020/2021.

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