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Levi offers excellent training conditions for alpine skiing teams, snowboarders and freestyle skiers for professional training. Levi has been developing training and competition conditions for international level alpine skiing since the early 2000s. Levi has hosted the FIS Ski World Cup race since 2004. In addition, Levi has hosted numerous FIS, European Cup and National Championships every year.

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To be able to succeed, your ski team must be able to train in the right facilities and conditions. With our strong snowmaking capabilities with more than 300 snowmaking cannons, we are able to ensure an early start to the season with guaranteed snow in October or November. Our extensive snowmaking also enables us to continue the season until early May.

Alpine skiing teams and clubs may reserve slopes for your team's use free of charge, purchase ski passes with special prices, as well as book accommodation at an optimal distance from the slopes. Ski Clubs and teams can inquire about the rental of slalom poles and other training equipment for training at training@levi.fi. Coaching can be also organized through us when needed.

The Alpine Training Park, built on an old terrain park, offers new and specialized practice courses for more targeted training. Physical fitness is a vital part of the training, in addition to our slopes, Levi offers also great facilities for physical exercise and recovery, including a sports hall, gyms, cross-country ski tracks, and spa, as well as yoga and massage services.

For freestyle and freeskiing groups, Levi offers great conditions for training in the Levi South Park on the South Slopes and FunPark on the Front Slopes.

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Diverse training areas from early winter to spring

In the beginning of the season, it is possible to practice slalom and giant slalom on the Front Slopes and in the Alpine Training Park on the West Slopes. The Levi Black slope, used in the Levi World Cup, opens for slalom training in November. The new W.3 slope is FIS homologated and can be used for giant slalom, slalom, as well as also super-g by request. Levi's three snow parks offer diverse training opportunities also for freestyle and freeski groups.

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Alpine Training Park

The Alpine Training Park on the West Slopes at lift 13 makes use of the topography of an old terrain park. Levi is the first ski resort in Finland to use boxes and bumps in this way to boost alpine training. The new kinds of training courses have been developed especially for slalom and giant slalom training. There are also two regular slalom courses, a wave track as well as a warm-up booth for instant feedback on training videos.

The Alpine Training Park has artificial lighting, enabling practices at any time of day. The snowmaking capabilities of Levi make it possible to start the season early and end it as late as May. Ski Clubs and teams can inquire about the rental of slalom poles and other training equipment for training at training@levi.fi.

The four courses of Alpine Training Park (A, B, C and D) are available for bookings every day throughout the season according to the opening hours. Lifts 13 and 14 are open until 6 PM. In addition to the Alpine Training Park, training is possible on slope 14.2, which can be easily closed for training if required.

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With the new, ultra-modern Levi West chairlift, we opened one of the best slalom slopes in Finland - the FIS homologated W.3 slope. The W.3 slope can be booked throughout the season for both slalom and giant slalom training. The slope W.2 also enables us to close the W.3 slope only for training on specific times. Speed events on the slope are also possible during the special weeks when the slope is fenced especially for training together with ski clubs. Levi West chairlift is open daily until 6 PM.

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Levi Black is the only slope in Finland where the FIS Ski World Cup race is hosted. The Levi Black slope is perfect for training international level slalom. Giant Slalom training is also possible on request. Levi Black slope can be comfortably reached by the Gondola2000 lift, which is open daily until 6 PM. At the lower station of Gondola2000 is also the Gondola Restaurant, where it is possible for the training groups to have lunch at a discounted price. Inquiries: heli.lehtinen@levi.fi

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On the front slope, the new ICE.2 slope and the Glacier Express lift offer up to three slalom lines for training as early as October thanks to the preserved snow. The front slope is best suited for slalom training, but also offers opportunities for training giant slalom and mogul skiing. The profile of the front slope enables training of basic technique for both juniors and world cup athletes. The slope offers fast rounds with the new Glacier Express lift, making training very efficient. It is also possible to arrange evening training at Front Slopes, as the slopes are open until 7 PM.

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For freestyle and freeskiing groups, Levi has four terrain parks, Levi South Park, Junior South Park and Mini Park at the South Slopes and FunPark at the Front Slopes, which offer great conditions for training. The Levi South Park is almost one kilometer long and combines multiple jumps and rails as one run. On the front slopes, it is possible to practice e.g. mogul skiing. South Slopes are open until 6 PM and Front Slopes until 7 PM.

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Alpine skiing teams and clubs may book special slope areas for training free of charge. Take a look at the calendar below where you see special slope areas that can be booked for training. Slopes need to be booked at the latest two weeks prior to the training time. We reserve a right to make changes by adding or removing training times and combining groups. Possible changes are informed to the participants. Our goal is to arrange high-quality training time for all teams. Please remember that these special slopes are also for public use and training times can not be arranged daily/weekly for some periods.