Ennusteiden mukaan Levillä näkyy kohta revontulia. Suuntaa siis katseesi ylös! Ennusteen tarjoaa Sunsää.

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Ennusteiden mukaan Levillä näkyy kohta revontulia. Suuntaa siis katseesi ylös!
Ennusteen tarjoaa Sunsää.

Liikekeskus PoronPortti, Tunturitie 2
99130 Sirkka - Levitunturi

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About 2km away from Levi Centrum nearby the gondola and adventure park you can find grocerystore K-Market LevinPoro. We have a spacious car park, which is easy and quick to do in the shop. E-shop is a convenient way to order food at home or for pick-up.

At K-Market LevinPoro, you can easily and quickly find all the food
and beverages for you and your family. Also as written in the name
(poro), a comprehensive selection of reindeer products from local

There is always fresh Take Away coffee and a large selection of bread,
sweet pastries and savory delicacies for both the big and the hunger
baked in our own oven. At our refurbished fruit and vegetable
department you will always find your fresh items to your dining table.

For the staff of LevinPoro, Domesticity is an important issue at the
dinner table, so we have labeled our store's Domestic products
throughout the store with blue “Hyvää Suomesta” tags. To make your
shopping easier, we have also extensively labeled our special diet
products; such as gluten-free, lactose-free, low-lactose, organic,
sugar-free and additive-free products.

During the summer of 2019, our store added a new aile "Wellbeing
Line", where you can easily find all the foods, supplements, drinks
and protein products for wellbeing. Our range in this area is
constantly growing.

During the fall of 2019, the entrance to our store will be renovated
and we will also have room for a loose-candy selection, Fresh-orange
juice machine and Russian Caviar; Russian Sturgeon, White Sturgeon and Siberian Sturgeon.

K-Market LevinPoro is a modern and revitalizing convenience store that
is easy and fast to shop with the most spacious parking space in Levi!
Welcome to shop at K-Market LevinPoro's PoronPortti shopping center!
Shopkeeper Pirre Mahlberg and her staff

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