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Go golf crazy here at Finland’s northernmost 18-hole course amidst the beautiful landscape of Levi!


Levi’s gorgeous golf course is located between the mighty Levi fell and the
sparkling Ounasjoki river. Almost 100 hectares of land makes playing
varied and interesting. The course has been designed for the needs and wishes of a normal golf player.

The conditions in Lapland make golfing at Levi a bit more interesting. 
The gorgeous landscapes and the relaxed Laplandish spirit will calm you down and help
you to forget everyday concerns. On the course, you can find reindeer,
ball stealing foxes or even a northern hawk-owl with its chicks. 

In addition to the golf course, Levi also has an 18-hole disc golf course and an 18-hole mini golf course.

This means you will certainly find nice things to do for the entire family.

Take part in a green-card course and familiarize yourself with Levi's sport events here!

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