Golf in Levi
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Go golf crazy here at Finland’s northernmost 18-hole course amidst the beautiful landscape of Levi!


Levi’s gorgeous golf course is located between the mighty Levi fell and the sparkling Ounasjoki river. The just under 100 hectares of land makes playing at Levi's Golf course varied and interesting. The course has been designed for the needs and wishes of a normal golf player.

Lapland's nature and aspects make golfing at Levi simply more interesting! Try golfing under the Midnight Sun or submerged in the oranges, yellow and purple colours of ruska (autumn).  The gorgeous landscapes and the relaxed Laplandish spirit will make you forget everyday life and concerns and let yourself immerse into your golfing experience. On the course, you may meet reindeer, foxes stealing your golf ball or even a northern hawk-owl with its chicks!
Whether you're a passionate golfer or just looking to try something different while visiting Levi, golfing in this picturesque scenery can be a remarkable and memorable experience.
Take part in a green-card course and familiarize yourself with Levi Golf & Country Club


A multigolf course has been opened at Levi's Golf course.
In addition to golf, it is now possible to play Frisbee golf, Futisgolf and Park golf. Park golf equipment will be available for rent later on for a small fee. Golf clubs are already available for rental. Of course, you can also play with your own clubs, disks and football.

The 3 fairways of the course have been sown recently, so when hitting from the fairway you must use the mat that the players take with them, from the box next to the 1st tee. The putting greens are made of artificial grass, which enables the course to be open even outside of the actual golf season, and to open after the snowfall ends already in April, ending with the first snow. The course cannot withstand the use of football boots so shoes with studs are prohibited.

The course is free for everyone and does not require a membership or green card. Welcome!

In addition to the golf course, Levi also has an 18-hole disc golf course and an 18-hole Minigolf
This means you will certainly always find something great to do for the entire family in summer in Levi.

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