Hiking and trekking

At Levi you can hike on various paths and nearby routes, which bring you back to your accommodation by evening. The longer paths will lead you to the gorgeous national park landscapes of Pallas–Yllästunturi.

Hiking and trekking


Climb to the fell to hear the silence, stay the night in an open wilderness hut,
experience the nightless night, drink from a stream or enjoy the campfire in
your own peace. Levi is a true paradise for hikers!

The easiest way to become familiar with Levi and the surrounding environment is to select
a suitable destination and simply walk there. A short hike works in any weather,
despite the season and time of day, and furthermore, it is beneficial to both
your physical and mental health!

The best thing about trekking and hiking is that there’s no rush.
When you are moving on your feet, you will automatically slow down
and the rush inside your head will disappear while observing the details of nature. 
While travelling on foot, you can see a lot more and relax your soul in the stunning landscape.


The various paths and tracks around Levi make you familiar with many interesting destinations.
The less than a mile-long Peak trail goes round the peak of Levi opening out to
the gorgeous fell landscapes. The Ice Age trail is approximately 9 km (5 mi) long,
and it goes around Levi fell next to the treeline and displaying the past of the area in
an interesting way, just as it was millions of years ago.

Other hiking trails worth visiting at Levi are, for example the Life of The Past Trail
going round the entire fell, and Päiviö´s Path - The Trail Of The Great Shaman,
near the enchanting landscape of Ounasjoki river. For working out and rewarding
scenery, try the Rykimäpolku, going through Kätkätunturi next to Levi fell.


In addition to the shorter trips, Levi is an excellent base for longer trekking in Lapland.
The beautiful nature of the region is worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime.

The route options near Levi are nearly endless. For first-timers an easy and practical
way of trying out trekking is to test your strength on consecutive days by making separate
day trips,and staying the night enjoying Levi services.

Sample of three-day routes near Levi:
Day 1: The Ice Age trail going round Levi fell, 9km,
Day 2: The 13km Rykimäpolku going round and up Kätkätunturi
Day 3: The 18km Life Of The Past Trail round Levi fell.

As a whole, this 40-kilometre (24 mi) hike over three days with overnight stays,
facilitates day trips with a light carriage and light spirit, making for an enjoyable trek.

Interesting destinations for those travelling by car are the other fells of the region,
such as Kumputunturi between Kittilä and Sodankylä, and Särkitunturi in Muonio municipality. 

Guided tours available daily for example to Kätkä-fell, Särkifell or
Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park and Pallas-fells. 
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For a more experienced wanderer, there are many wilderness huts along the
extensive trekking path network. The longer trekking paths will lead you to the
gorgeous national park landscapes of Pallas–Yllästunturi Nationalpark.

Clean fells, marshland and forests will clear your thoughts and refresh your spirit.
During summertime, even the hours of the day don’t limit the wanderer, because
there’s sunlight available around the clock. It is a perfect time for a memorable wander.

A memorable trek route is, for example the 50km (31 mi) long Jotos from Levi to Ylläs. 
Many wilderness huts, shelters and lean-tos offer a convenient place for a break or an
overnight stay, should you tire on the way. Those in top-notch physical shape will hike
back to Levi. For those interested in long trekking, it is possible to continue the route from
Ylläs to Pallas, or even to Hetta at Enontekiö. This is a once in a lifetime experience for
every hiking enthusiast.

Route suggestions