Husky safaris and kennel visits | Levi
huskyt kopissa

Husky safaris and kennel visits

This is as fun as it gets: the sleigh is pulled by an enthusiastic team of huskies and, conditions being right, speed is guaranteed throughout the journey!

At the dogfarms and kennels near Levi you can meet about 500 dogs. Some of the sleddogs are also competing at the international dogsledding races, the longest competitions being about 500 kilometres (Gold Rush Run) - surely these dogs are loving their job!

At Levi you can daily join in dogsafaris of several different lenghts. The shortest being about 2km, and the longest full day safaries for about 30-40km. In the long springtime days you may like to experience a two-day husky sled-drive safari. Remember that husky safaris are possibly the most booked activities, so remember to book your experience well in advance!

Did you know you can meet these cuties also in summertime and get the fluffiest cuddles from them? You may also choose to combine hiking and meeting the dogs going for a hike with a husky - could this get any better? 
When the weather gets colder in autumn, the sleigh programs can start again and you can help the dogs' owners to train their huskies for the winter months, joining a husky safari on wheels. Please remember that also kennel visits need to be booked in advance. 

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