Saunas and swimming in Levi

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Enjoy swimming and relax in the sauna


Did you know that there are over 2000 saunas in Levi? Most cabins and apartments have their own sauna and in addition you can rent one privately to enjoy this Finnish cultural tradition together with your friends or family. In Levi, you can enjoy a variety of different saunas from steams in an old lumberjack sauna to a sauna with a view of the fell. And why not experiencing a floating sauna raft in summer?

Some saunas in winter offer the opportunity to try ice swimming, which holds cultural and health significance for the Finnish people and has been practised for centuries. Would you dare try immersing yourself in cold water in a hole cut into a frozen lake or river? Try ice swimming!

Ice swimming

Ice-swimming is something extra-ordinary, something you may want to try at least once during your holiday in Lapland. It might sound crazy, but once you've done it, you'll understand why it is so popular in Finland. Dipping in the cold water leaves you with a great feeling afterwards - you'll feel like superhuman.

In Levi you can go ice-swimming by booking the whole sauna and ice-swimming experience privately or by joining a public sauna and ice-swimming program. You can experience ice swimming at Elves Village, Saunabaari, Immelkartano, Sammuntupa and Arctic Sauna World.

Please remember it is not safe to go swimming in the places you don't know and which are unsupervised.

Water World Levi

At Water World Levi at the Levi Hotel Spa you will certainly feel relaxed having enjoyed the Finnish sauna, log sauna, and steam room. Sit in the outdoor jacuzzis in a heavy snowfall, or in the sunshine listening to birds chirping happily. Water World Levi offers something for everyone: water slide, swimming pools for fitness enthusiasts, water features for children and their wild adventures, and jacuzzis for those who just want to relax. Coming here is not just another visit to the spa, it is an experience.


In summer you can enjoy swimming in Immeljärvi lake and take advantage of Saunabaari's services near Levi Center (Immeltie 1) as well as in Levijärvi lake (Lumikkolenkki). No services provided at this beach. Kittilä's municipality official beach is located near Kittilä centre at Sodankyläntie 42, enjoy swimming in Ounasjoki river, one of Finland longest free flowing river. Enjoying these natural water bodies while minimizing the impact on the environment and promoting responsible practices: leave no trace of your presence, respect wildlife, use Biodegradable sunscreen, insect repellent, or any other personal care products before swimming, avoid using soap or detergents in natural water bodies.

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