Reindeers – Welcome to Reindeer Farm | Levi
poro metsässä kesä

Reindeers at Levi

Go for a reindeer sleigh ride and experience the most traditional way of transport in Lapland!

There are 12,000 reindeer in the Kittilä municipality, which is double the number of its population. There are many reindeer in the forests as well as in the farms near Levi
The best places to spot reindeer in winter are Sammuntupa reindeer farm, Hotel K5’s back yard, Samiland Exhibition and Elves’ Hideaway. Avoid loud noises and sudden movements when you are near the reindeer do have the best chance to memorable pictures.

In summer the reindeer wander freely in the forests, but you can spot them on the fells, along the roads in Levi Centre or cooling down in the shades by the petrol stations and hotel yards!

Take a look at the experiences with reindeer Levi has to offer both in winter and summer and pick your favorite ones. Listen to the guide and reindeer herder telling you about the reindeer life, habits and the work of reindeer herders.

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