Elves Village | Levi
Tonttula piilo kesa

Elves Village

The Experience Hotel Taivaanvalkeat and the Elves’ Experience Village combined make a unique experience destination on the quiet riverbank of the Ounasjoki river. You can feel Lapland’s enchanting magic here and breathe the cleanest air in Europe.

The hotel is suitable for accommodation, special events and meetings. On the other hand, the courtyard offers unlimited possibilities for a variety of activities. This is an excellent place for groups, families or just for you when you want to experience something a bit different.

The Elves’ Experience Village is a well-known and attractive tourist destination based on stories and mythology, filled with fun activities and open all year round. The allure of the Elves’ Experience Village is based on stories, fairy tales, culture, fantasy and mythology. It is nature’s own amusement park. The destination combines two strong travel trends: nature and cultural tourism.

The Elves’ Experience Village is located in Lapland, 180km north of the Arctic Circle in Kittilä, in the Köngäs village only 8km from Levi. It’s easy to get here by car, plane, train or on a bus.

Step into Lapland’s living fairy tale!  No on is too old for fairytales.

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