Santa's cabin | Levi
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Santa's Cabin

One of the most photographed places in Lapland

Levi’s most iconic photo spot is known from the Christmas story movie – Santa's Cabin. The cottage is easy to get to throughout the year. You can see the stunning landscapes of Lapland from the cabin and its terrace.

Skiing/snowboarding: Santa's cottage is located between slopes W.3 and 13.2. The best view of the cabin is from the Gondola2000 lift and slope W.3 or Levi West chairlift. In winter you can get to the cabin from slope W.3, when you can see the cottage on your right, just ski towards it. Another option is to ski down the first part of World Cup slope (13.2) and turn left after about 20 metres (65 ft), where the snow fence ends. Just ski down for as long as you can see the cabin below you. 

Walking: You can get to the cottage on snowshoes following the same routes as skiing and using the gondola lift.
In summer you can also get to the cottage by taking the gondola and descending to the Ice Age trail from the top of Levi or by walking up from the gondola lift station.

Santa's Cabin winter walking route

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