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Scenic lifts

Take the scenic route up

The scenic cabin lifts Gondola2000 and Express take you to the top of Levi. On the way, you can enjoy the beautiful Lappish landscape. The lifts are suitable for families with baby strollers and for persons with a wheelchair. Dogs are also welcome to the scenic cabin lifts. Children under 6 years may travel free of charge and must always be accompanied by an adult.

During summertime, you can enjoy the views on the top of Levi, hike down the fell and return to the foot of the fell by another scenic cabin lift or even rocket down the fell on our summer sled track!

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The Gondola2000 cabin lift runs with convenient speed along the fell's western side, going as high as 20 metres above the ground. The trails of Levi Bike Park run below the lift during the summertime. The sightseeing tour with a return ticket takes about 20 minutes, and it is possible to get out of the cabin at the top to wander around the top of the fell.

Interesting visiting places are the renovated restaurant Palovartija and during the summertime, the Peak Trail, that goes around the top of Levi fell. You may use return ticket also on the Express cabin lift on the Front Slopes. The 600-meter Peak Trail begins from the upper lift station and goes clockwise around the very top of the fell (only open during the summer time). The cabin lift and Peak Trail are suitable also for families with baby strollers and for persons with a wheelchair.

From the upper station of the Gondola2000 lift, you can also get to one of Levi's most photographed scenery, Santa's Cabin. Santa’s Cabin is located between Gondola2000 lift and Levi West chairlift, next to slope W.3 on the right side of the slope when looking down from the top. You can also spot it on the slopeside when you take the scenic lift ride on the top with the Gondola2000 lift.

Photo: Essi Toikkanen

Levi Express

The Express cabin lift is located at the centre of village Sirkka. It takes takes you from Zero Point to the upper station of the Front Slopes, right next to the congress centre Levi Summit and the hotel Levi Panorama. During summertime you can either return with the same lift, hike down the slopes, or descend with style by using a summer sled instead! You may use return ticket also on the Gondola2000 cabin lift on the West Slopes. The lifts are suitable for families with baby strollers and for persons with a wheelchair.

During the summertime the hiking trail called Ice Age begins from the upper station of the lift. It goes clockwise around fell Levi and returns to the backyard of Levi Summit.

Levi Peak Trail

Ice Age Trail