Go to sauna or swimming

Saunas, spa and beach


There are over 2000 saunas in Levi. About ten of them can be rented privately. You can enjoy the sauna steams in an old lumberjack sauna or sauna with the view of the fell.
And why not experiencing a floating sauna raft?


At the Levi Spa you'll find several different saunas, pools for kids, outdoor Jacuzzi, hot and cold pools and an aqua jogging pool.


At Levi there's two beaches to enjoy swimming in the summer time, and the official beach of Kittilä is near Kittilä municipality center (Sodankyläntie 42), Saunabaari beach near Levi Center (Immeltie 1) and beach in Levijärvi (Lumikkolenkki)

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