Massage, hairdresser and beauty treatments | Levi

Massage, hairdresser and beauty treatments

Would you choose massage, hairdresser or beauty treatment?

Feeling a bit stiff after skiing whole day? Or just in a need of little relaxation and luxury?

Massage or beauty treatment is a great way to treat yourself on a holiday!

Especially during ski holidays, masseurs’ calendars get fully booked fast, so reservations should be made well in advance.

Levi has several beauty treatment salons with whom you can relax and take care of yourself.

After long skiing trips skin that is vulnerable to frost may also need special care! You can consult a skin care professional in Levi. Levi's beauticians are ready to help with any skin problems and you can get pampering facial or body treatments on your holiday or even on your work trip!

Whenever you need help with a hairstyle or just want to tidy your hair, professional hairdressers will be happy to help you!

Beauty and wellness

Day Spa Studio Feel it

Wide range of wellness and beauty services in centre of Levi. Masseurs, beauticians and hairdressers under the same roof!

Lapin Kauneuspilkku

Check opening hours: +358 40 50 99100

Levi Wellness Club

Levi Wellness Club is a fitness club that offers both local residents and tourists a wider opportunity to a good, energetic presence through exercise and yoga.

Timonen Nissi & Co Oy

Traditional Finnish bone setting therapy treatment.

Relax Center

Relax Center beauty salons offer a wide selection of different services from well-being, beauty and last but not least relaxation. Beauty salons are located at Levi’s two experience centers; hotel Hullu Poro and at the center of Levi.

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