Autumn in Levi
Terhi Tuovinen

Colourful autumn in Levi

Get amazed by the autumn colors

In early September, after the first nights of below zero temperatures, the nature starts to get ready for the winter. Leaves in the trees are getting colourful, and you can see beautiful yellow, orange and red colours all around you. 

Experience the stunning colours of autumn

You will find plenty of activities to choose from when you plan your autumn trip to Levi. During the autumn months, you can spend unforgettable moments in nature hiking and mountain biking in the fells and forests, horseback riding or canoeing. Those fond of adrenaline rushes should also head to Levi Bike Park for some downhill mountain biking or join a river rafting excursion.

In the autumn, various berry and mushroom picking excursions are also a great way to spend a day in nature. And let's not foget fishing, either: the numerous rivers and lakes in the area invite you to try your luck in catching some fish.

You can even experience a husky ride or simply go visit and pet these adorable sled dogs. Families will also find plenty to do in Levi Activity Park, which stays open until the beginning of October.

Autumn is one of the best times to play a round of golf in Levi, too. The 18-hole golf course is situated right between Levi fell and the river Ounasjoki with gorgeous views throughout the course. Reindeer are also frequent visitors here, as well as a fox that occasionally stops by to steal a ball or two.

Whatever you decide to do in Levi in the autumn, you'll be able to admire the abundance of stunning colours all around you.

ruska patikointi

Mesmerized by the northern lights

When the days are getting shorter and nights darker it is time to slow down, breathe the fresh air - and have a look at the sky!

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis - are an unpredictable, natural event, which occurs all year round. Because you need nightfall to spot them, the Northern Lights begin to appear around the end of August, when the nights get darker. You can see them as late as in April.

The magical Northern Lights on a dark night sky have intrigued people for long. According to old Finnish beliefs the reason for these colourful night sky lights was the mythical Firefox who was running across the Arctic Lapland. People believed that this giant fox in the sky created the Northern Lights by moving its tail. This is why in Finnish the Northern Lights are called “Revontulet” i.e., foxfires.

Stories about Northern Lights are also well known in other cultures and many beliefs still live strong - health, wealth, good luck, love and many other good things will come to those who see the Northern Lights.

The determining factors of this amazing phenomenon are the geomagnetic and the solar activities. The Auroras become brighter and more distinctive after intense sunspot activities. The solar activity occurs on a 22-year cycle (it increases for 11 years and decreases during another 11 years).

In scientific terms auroras are produced when the particles from solar winds and magnetospheric plasma meet the upper atmosphere - energy is lost and the resulting ionization and excitation of atmospheric constituents emits light of varying colour and complexity. The possibility to see Northern Lights grows the farther you travel from the Equator.

Terhi Tuovinen

Make memories for a lifetime

We offer a wide selection of activities and trips for you to catch this magnificent natural phenomenon. Hop on horseback and go hunt the northern lights, go canoeing or for a hike under the northern lights.

How about a ferry cruise under the Northern Lights? The reflections of the Lights on the surface of the water are truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Already in autumn, it is possible to book a guided trip into the nature, away from the artificial lights of the Levi centre. The guide will teach how to distinguish the bright stars and with good luck you will spot the Lights. If you are interested in photography a professional photographer can teach you how to shoot wonderful images and lasting memories of the auroras with your own camera. As the winter approaches and the land freezes up and is covered in snow, a wider range of Northern Lights excursions become available.

Northern lights accommodations

Northern lights can be seen in Levi from the end of August, and autumn is one of the best times to enjoy this dance of colours in the sky. Levi offers a wide range of accommodation options designed to allow you to observe the sky and the Northern Lights before you go to sleep and when you open your eyes in the morning. From sky view cabins and suites to igloos and wilderness cabins, there is a perfect place to stay under the Northern Lights for everyone!

Find a northern lights accommodation and spend an unforgettable night under the northern sky!

Revontulet iglut

Autumn in Levi

Check in for the most colorful autumn!