Levi tarjoaa loistavat puitteet alamäki- tai enduropyöräilyn ystäville! Leviltä löydät eritasoisia enduro- ja alamäkireittejä aina helpoista vaativiin.
Levi Bike park


The Levi Bike Park features a great selection of enduro and downhill trails for different skill levels. The Park has been set up next to the Gondola2000 cabin lift, on the western side of the Levi fell, and it offers excellent views to the Lappish landscape. 


Levi Bike Park offers trails for both beginners and experienced drivers. The biking trails have an elevation difference of 310 meters and offer excellent views to the Lappish landscape.

Blue Groove trail is suitable for all skill levels, the Santa´s Cabin is designed for more experienced drivers, and World Cup DH Black trail offers demanding jumps and other elements even for the most seasoned rider. The national-level riders ride the demanding Wold Cup DH Black trail below 60 seconds. 

We recommend using full enduro and downhill protective gear on the trails, including knee pads, chest armor, helmet, elbow pads, and gloves.

Always remember to ride slowly during the first run to get to know the trail and check the landing areas of each drop. Familiarize yourself also with the bike park rules.

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Scenic cabin lifts and bikepark tickets PRICING SUMMER/AUTUMN 2022

Lift tickets to Levi Bike Park you can buy in advance online or on-site from the rental.

Price listChildren (6-11yr)Adults (+12yr)
KeyCard7,00 €7,00 €
Cabin lift sightseeing 10,00 €13,00 €
Cabin lift sightseeing one way7,00 €9,00 €
3 hours17,00 €22,00 €
1 day21,00 €32,00 €
2 days37,00 €55,00 €
3 days48,00 €77,00 €
4 days58,00 €97,00 €
5 days67,00 €115,00 €
6 days77,00 €130,00 €
Season pass summer159,00 €229,00 €
Summer season company pass562 €
Summer season company pass > 3kpl477 €

The vouchers and well-being benefits mentioned below are personal and are only accepted at the Zero Point rental shop and the Activity Park rental shop for lift tickets and equipment rentals (EXCLUDING one-way, sightseeing and summer toboggan tickets) www.vero.fi.

Lift tickets are personal. Resale of all Lift Tickets is prohibited. Abuse will result in immediate cancellation of the ticket.

Levi X Sappee

With a valid Levi Season Pass you get -20% discount on a Sappee normal-price day passes (does not apply season passes or Super Skipasses)!

Discounted ski passes from Ski Pass Offices, please prepare to show the season pass and identity card or payment receipt for the season pass at the ski pass office. Discount is personal.

levi x sappee


Learn the fundamentals of downhill biking with our certified Bike Park Instructor! During the lessons, we will get to know the correct body positioning, driving and braking technique, and bike handling. As you gain skills, our guides will also advise you on more challenging routes. All our instructors are FMBIA certified.


PricesNo gearWith gear*
Group lesson ROOKIE / BASIC59,00€109,00€
Private lessons79,00€149,00
+ every extra person +30,00€

*(inc. freeride bike, protective gear and the usage of lifts) Prices include VAT.


1. Check that all your equipment is in good working condition. Always wear a helmet. Other protection is also recommended.
2. Choose the track and speed according to your skill and the conditions. Familiarize yourself with the tracks in advance. Take easier, alternative lines if needed.
3. Overtake other people on the track at a suitable distance. Those coming from above and behind must always avoid others.
4. Stay on the track – do not change it or take shortcuts.
5. Only stop in places where you can be easily noticed. If you are going back up, do so from outside the track.
6. Take care of yourself and others!
7. Riding in bike park under the influence of intoxicants is forbidden.
8. Remember, you always ride at your own risk.
9. Everyone has a responsibility to help in the event of an accident. Inform staff without delay if an accident occurs tel. +358 44 367 4278.
10. Always follow the signs and the instructions of the staff. The staff reserve the right to cancel the ticket of any person who does not follow the bike park rules.

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