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Bike Park Trails

Levi Bike Park offers trails for both beginners and experienced drivers. The biking trails have an elevation difference of 310 meters and offer excellent views of the Lappish landscape. Village Trail is suitable for all skill levels, Santa´s Cabin is designed for more experienced drivers, and World Cup DH Black trail offers demanding elements even for the most seasoned rider. The national-level riders ride the demanding World Cup DH Black trail below 60 seconds. 

Always remember to ride slowly during the first run to get to know the trail and check the landing areas of each drop. Familiarize yourself also with the bike park rules.

Village Trail

Length: 4.2 km

The trail begins at the upper station of Gondola2000 cabin lift and heads east towards slope 7, where it turns north towards the slope 6. After this, the route follows the connecting route on top of Levi, which is familiar to most of the skiers and snowboarders of Levi. Instead of rolling the dull gravel road, the route jumps over the road towards the rocky slope, where it follows the terrain and offers stunning views to the Lappish landscape.

Blue Groove

Length: 3.3 km

Elevation: 301 m

The redesigned and enhanced Blue Groove trail provides fun moments for many times. The top of the Blue Groove has been redesigned and made even easier. The trail starts off nice and gently at the upper station of the Gondola2000 cabin lift. As you go further, the trail runs across numerous easy, wide berms, following the terrain, and moves towards the familiar Blue Groove section. When reaching the tree line, the route is a more weaving, offering easy, big berms after another. On the way, you cross the slope 14, where you can stop to catch your breath and admire the scenery. After passing the slope 14, the last part of Blue Groove offers nice smooth rolling, where you can already loosen your grip a bit before heading back to the top of Levi.

Kuva: Harri Lindfors

Santa's Cabin

Length: 2.4 km

Elevation: 301 m

The trail begins from the upper station of the Gondola200 cabin lift. The trail's dirt and wood drop-offs are challenging enough for even the more experienced riders to have smiles on their faces and hearts racing on the first few runs. As with Blue Groove, the trail enters the forest at tree line. In the forest, similar dirt and wood elements continue with some occasional tight turns and drop-offs. Towards the end of the trail, Santa's Cabin merges with the World Cup DH Black trail where you can try some more extreme drop-offs and jumps before arriving at the lower station.

World Cup Red

Length: 2.3 km

Elevation: 301 m

The trail starts at Gondola2000 cabin lift and follows at the beginning the same trail as the World Cup DH Black. When reaching the tree line, the World Cup DH Red trail offers the possibility to take a transition route to the Santa's Cabin trail.

Rocky Road

The red enduro route descending to the Gondola substation, Rocky Road, follows the altitude curves of the fell, allowing a long ride without a large elevation difference. The route diverges from the middle of the World Cup Red, moving to the other side of the G.1 transition. The route is a gentle but technically demanding rock - that is, worth its name. According to legend, it is possible to drive the route only on rocks, without touching the ground at all.

World Cup Black

Length: 1.7 km Elevation: 301 m A perfect downhill trail in all its simplicity. The trail follows the route of the Gondola2000 cabin lift fairly directly. In addition to the sheer velocity on the trail, the steep profile of the slope offers additional challenge. World Cup DH Black consists of hard earth surface that has been worn by erosion, with some loose stones and rainwater grooves. Towards the end of the trail, there is a 2 to 3-meter high bridge and drop-off combination with some smaller jumps.

When reaching the tree line, the World Cup DH Black trail offers the possibility to take a transition route to the Santa's Cabin trail.


The pearl of Western Lapland, the enduro route KURU, starts from the blue route after Alpine Training Park on the slope of the “13.3” slope. The starting line should be chosen carefully, as the route starts with a big drop, at the descent of which the wheel must be turned according to the next bend. After this, the tight bends of the dry fabric are continued, and soon the front tire can be dropped into a natural gorge, from which the route has also received its name. At the bottom of the gorge, the driver is required to have a proactive view and to drive with precision in order for the tire to pass at the narrow bridges intended for it. After surviving the gorge, turn back to the blue route and continue along it gently until the end.

South Route

Length: 1.6 km Elevation: 248 m The South Route is one of Levi's most popular enduro routes, as it is an easy trail which also offers lots of fun riding even for the more experienced riders. The Gondola2000 cabin lift offers an easy access to the route start, which is right next to the South chairlift. The trail runs across the South Slopes, crossing the woods and the slopes. The South Route route ends just before the lower station of the South chairlift. The easiest way to get back to Gondola2000 is by following the mountain bike trail to the Gondola2000.


Offgämber is the newest entrant to Levi Bike Park. The route starts immediately after the Kuru intersection from Blue Groove and drops the cyclist 13.3 from the transition through the boulders to the velvety mixed forest. The newer path serves as a starter for balancing on a long wooden bridge, after which it is dropped into the moss. A piece of forest winds alongside the lush grasslands and marshes for the next north shore tasting. Then head to the 14-slope bottom to the section named after the track and shoot over the lift line towards the intersection with Blue Groove. The routes share the same base only for a moment, until Offägämber rises over the berm at its own approximate. The route continues on a ridge, curving and at an angle it slopes across the slope following the toboggan run. Offgämber rolls into the Gondola area along a grassy path shared with hikers, as well as an xc route around Levi. At the end, the route wanders into the thicket of the deciduous forest and descends from there to the maintenance road below.

Draivi trail


Length: 1.8 km Elevation: 296 m Closed during summer 2021 The Draivi enduro route is very similar to the South Route, but a bit more challenging. The route begins right next to Lift 7 and descends towards the lower station of Lift 6. The route meanders along the built slopes and outside the slopes. The route offers great views to the Ounasjoki River as well as the Levi Golf Course. The route ends at the lower station of Lift 6. To do it again, you can take the cycling route back to the lower station of the Gondola2000 cabin lift.

Express Black

Length: 0.6 km Elevation: 115 m You can find the Express Black enduro route on the Front Slopes, following the right side of the slope and continuing in the forest right next to it. The route starts at the upper station of Levi Express cabin lift and follows partially the route of the Levi Express cabin left. Highly technical elements and very steep profile make this a challenging route even for the experienced rider.


1. Check that all your equipment is in good working condition. Always wear a helmet. Other protection is also recommended.
2. Choose the track and speed according to your skill and the conditions. Familiarize yourself with the tracks in advance. Take easier, alternative lines if needed.
3. Overtake other people on the track at a suitable distance. Those coming from above and behind must always avoid others.
4. Stay on the track – do not change it or take shortcuts.
5. Only stop in places where you can be easily noticed. If you are going back up, do so from outside the track.
6. Take care of yourself and others!
7. Riding in bike park under the influence of intoxicants is forbidden.
8. Remember, you always ride at your own risk.
9. Everyone has a responsibility to help in the event of an accident. Inform staff without delay if an accident occurs tel. +358 44 367 4278.
10. Always follow the signs and the instructions of the staff. The staff reserve the right to cancel the ticket of any person who does not follow the bike park rules.

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