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Levi Bike Park

Joy of cycling!

Levi offers a great setting for mtb-lovers and bike park riding! The Gondola2000-lift takes you up on the top of Levi, and it offers excellent views to the Lappish landscape. Going down is then done faster on the bike! Levi Bike Park has trails from an easy green route to a difficult black route, where the rider is demand more skilled bike handling. The trails have both wide, easy berms as well as narrow tracks for more technical driving. The Bike Park also has enduro trails of different skill levels.

In addition to the trails, Levi Bike Park offers rental services with all the necessary equipment for bike park riding – bikes, full-face helmets, and all other necessary protective gear. Levi Bike Park also offers guided bike park courses and lessons with the guidance of official Bike Park instructors (FMBIA).

Levi Bike Park


1. Check that all your equipment is in good working condition. Always wear a helmet. Other protection is also recommended.
2. Choose the track and speed according to your skill and the conditions. Familiarize yourself with the tracks in advance. Take easier, alternative lines if needed.
3. Overtake other people on the track at a suitable distance. Those coming from above and behind must always avoid others.
4. Stay on the track – do not change it or take shortcuts.
5. Only stop in places where you can be easily noticed. If you are going back up, do so from outside the track.
6. Take care of yourself and others!
7. Riding in bike park under the influence of intoxicants is forbidden.
8. Remember, you always ride at your own risk.
9. Everyone has a responsibility to help in the event of an accident. Inform staff without delay if an accident occurs tel. +358 44 367 4278.
10. Always follow the signs and the instructions of the staff. The staff reserve the right to cancel the ticket of any person who does not follow the bike park rules.

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