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Trail etiquette

In Levi, most of the routes are shared-use paths, which means that in addition to cycling, the routes are also used by walkers. By being courteous and respectful to your fellow riders and other trail’s users as well as by respecting nature along the paths, you will assure that everyone can enjoy the outdoors. Get acquainted with the rules about mountain biking before heading out to the trails with the help of these mountain bikers' etiquettes prepared by the Suomen Latu (the outdoor association of Finland).

Mountain Biking Etiquette

Responsible mountain biking guidelines

The trails are multi-use paths and nature belongs to everyone.

Be courteous and respectful towards other users.

Control Your Bicycle and speed to guarantee everyone’s safety.

In general a biker should give way to hikers on shared trails.

The use of a helmet when mountain biking should be taken for granted.

Keep the trails in tip-top shape. Only ride on marked path and trails and avoid sharp
breaking and terrain vulnerable to erosion.

Obey the local and routes rules and do not litter.

Respect trail and road closures and do not trespass on private land.

Enjoy nature and your “Everyman’s Right” responsibly by preserving
and protecting the unspoiled beauty

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